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artillerystevens 09-13-2007 02:39 AM

Air bag system leaking/bleeding out
I would like to know how long it should take an airbag suspension system to leak out if at all. I just hooked up my front bags and aired them up. I found a few small leaks, corrected them and they held air just fine all day. I was out of town for a day and when I came back the airbags or airlines had bled out completely. Is this normal or should I do some more leak chasing?

OneMoreTime 09-13-2007 06:42 AM

That is not right...they should not bleed out..if there is any air bleed it should be minimal..use some soapy water and check all the connections..over tightening the connections can be an issue or perhaps a pinhole some where..

Good Luck


10Tonhammer 09-13-2007 06:56 AM

An airspring suspension should not leak. That said your not gonna die because of it. When you park your car you should deflate it, think of a compressor when your done using it you bleed it out. I would check your connections again make shure that your airlines are seated all the way in the quick connects. If you got fittings from Air Ride tech wire wheel of there pipe dope and use loctite 545 it is designed for hp hydraulic and pnematic systems it is the ***** though a little pricey. If all that and your still leak and you don't have a chaffed spring you could go to hard lines. To be frank though If its not enough to affect you while driving it really isn't that big of a deal.


cboy 09-13-2007 07:07 AM

OMT is right. You shouldn't be losing air that quickly, if at all.

On a positive note, if you have "zone controls" (separate controls for front and back and/or side to side) and your total system is going down equally, that might can really narrow down where your leak is occurring...probably between the tank and the control unit. If the system is going down unequally, then it sounds like multiple leaks. If only one zone is going down, then you can confine your search to that zone...usually at or after the control unit.

Air bag leaks can be a real bugger to track down because the line and joints are often tucked away and it is difficult to spray and see all sides. Go slow and use good lighting. Start with the joints (the most likely culprit) and if no sign of leaks there, then move on to spraying down every inch of hose looking for a pin hole.

I've got a leak right now in the rear bags of my '32. Drops about an inch in 7-10 days. Haven't been able to find it for the life of me. So I feel a bit of your pain.

artillerystevens 09-17-2007 07:39 PM

Thanks for all the help!
I appreciate all of the information, I will start trackin' leaks!

122s 10-21-2007 12:14 PM

im not sure if it would work, but there's that leak detector that's used in a/c systems, and works with some vacuum systems in an engine. it's a special fluid you lace in the system, and you have to wear some special glasses and where ever it leaks, you can easily see it.

might work? anyone tried it? last resort idea to try? hehe best of luck.. :thumbup:

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