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Originally Posted by wyomingclimber
Oldred: I'm not sure it's as bad as you think.

Actually in spite of how it sounded I don't think it is necessarily a bad outfit, just badly mis-represented, and overall it probably is a decent compressor for it's size.

I probably came on a bit strong about it but that particular one is kind of a special case, I said it was a rip-off not so much because I think it is a bad outfit but because of the dishonest ratings. 18.1 CFM@90 PSI for that pump/motor combo is simply so far off the mark it borders on fraud and with so much exaggeration about compressor specs from the manufacturers it kind of gripes me when I see it from an otherwise reputable outfit like IR. Before they came up with those figures they tried a little scam called "tank assisted CFM" but apparently no one would fall for that one and they dropped it after a short time, 18.1 CFM may be the pump displacement or some other gimmick but there is simply no way that single stage pump can put out that kind of CFM with only 5 HP. The plus for that compressor is that the 5 HP rating is honest enough and the pump looks to be a fairly robust unit but I think that's the worst part about the less-than-honest specs, they would have looked darn good for a compressor of that size if they had of just told the truth! 14 CFM for a single stage pump powered by 5 HP would be more than respectable but for some reason someone must have decided it should be dressed up a little more. Also for a compressor in that price range they certainly could do better than that light Emerson motor, heck even Harbor Freight uses a Baldor on some of it's U.S. General brand models that cost less than the IR! That motor burn out problem unfortunately is real too but hopefully it was just a run of bad motors that they might have gotten sorted out.
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