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Air compressor-opinions on CFM/brand

Alright...main purpose of compressor would be to power sanders, impact, grinder, paint gun, primer gun, sand blasting, plasma cutting, everything I can possibly use it for in reason.

Searched and a lot of people said bigger the better. The next size I see is 120 gallon, and those are all horizontal. Which take up way too much room. 220V wiring is what I need for a good compressor. Didn't get much when I searched. A lot of people asked about 60gallons and smaller.

I am looking for a stationary, vertical, 80 gallon+ air compressor to go into my new shop. Although the 80+ gallon tank will take up alot of room, it will be worth it. The shop is 20x20' by the way...I don't really want to, and I don';t know if I could. But worst case scenario I will build a shed for it outside. Although I don't know how I could get the air into my shop. I also might consider adding a second air tank. Above the compressor on a metal shelf. Probably aim for as many gallons I can fit above, without taking up too much room. The more reserve air I have, the less the compressor works. Although the compressor will work a lot whenever both go empty.
I had an earlier post that asked about my compressor which is actually 35 gallons, and a lousy 5.7 CFM maximum. This is IR by the way...So I will probably sell it before I buy the bigger one.
I have my eyes on Eaton, Champion, and Quincy. From what I have heard, those are the best quality ones. I have read here, and on other forums that Quincy is very good, and Eaton is along the same high quality line. haven't heard much about Champion, besides TPTools website. They seem to like them though!!

These are the compressors I am thinking of choosing from:

Although I don't know if those are the cheapest prices, I didn't look for prices yet, just size, etc. I read a lot here you can never have too big of a compressor. This size is around where I want.

Any experience, opinions, or suggestions? I won't be getting one for a while...maybe not till next summer.But I am planning out the layout for the shop. It's tight as it is, so I need to be really organized!
I want HIGH CFM because of the sandblaster, paint guns, and sanders.
I don't know which one yet, any suggestions? Shipping will be expensive, I am in BC Canada. But it will be worth it in my opinion.

So yes, comments, suggestions are all welcome. Anything I should know?

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