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Originally Posted by oldred
You are in no way, shape or form stupid and I did not mean to make it sound like that is what I meant and in fact normally I would have been skeptical about a 16 year old building a shop and buying a big compressor but I have no doubt that you are going to do just that and I find that to be very impressive. I started out very young also and I have spent my entire working life as a welding shop operator serving the mining and logging industry since the early 70's and part of my business has been installing air compressors and building air systems for service trucks, mining machinery and shops. This thing about tank size is the most mis-understood thing about compressors and why would'nt it be? Just about every ad you see for a new compressor lists tank size and HP numbers as the most important features for a companies unit because these outfits know that "BIG" sells. Big HP numbers make a compressor seem powerful because people can relate to horsepower and they can see a big tank that LOOKS powerful but CFM numbers are something most people just don't think much about, when all else is said and done most of the cheap units that LOOK and SOUND big will barely make enough air to blow your hat off much less run big air tools. Now after having said all that, the compressors you are looking at are all good choices and should serve your needs. The Eaton is a really good outfit but my all time favorite is Quincy as these things seem to be nearly indestructible. A co-worker of mine has an old gas Quincy that has worn out two engines and a tank over the last thirty years but that pump is still going strong!

Sorry, I didn't mean to say that I thought you thought I was stupid (make sense?) I just figured my post was stupid, personally.

I have been helping my dad work on trucks and cars for as long as I remeber. And since he past away over a year ago now, I have to step up and make big decisions on my own. Luckily there are places like this to assist me, and point me away from bad, and guide me to good.

The only thing I don't understand is the bigger the tank, the larger the CFM rating is.
For example, to get 25 CFM, I would have to look at a bigger tank too, (looking at website)
Here is the 25 CFM one, the largest:

Verses this one with 17 CFM and a smaller tank:

Correct me if I am wrong, but in order to get a air compressor with 23+ CFM, It will come with a large tank (ex: 80 gallons) Unless I build my own from scratch, which will probably cost more.

And one of the uses for the compressor, like I mentioned (I think) is to use a sandblaster. I will build my own bench one for small parts. But I also will have some sort of pressurized pot sandblaster. So I need the CFM to be high.

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