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Bryan59EC 01-02-2010 02:49 PM

Air conditioning---Vintage Air with a R-4 compressor
Just put a serpintine system on my 59 using GM aluminum brackets.
The passenger side bracket is designed for an R-4 pancake compressor,
and I intend on getting a new one as soon as I finish getting the AC lines straightened out. I originally had a Sanden.

What should be my steps to properly get this system charged up??
New compressors are shipped without any oil in them and I am wondering
if I need to clean out the entire system and put in the necessary oil, or if just adding oil to the new compressor will be okay.

Also----on the 134 compressors, there is another switch on the back of the compressor.

Is this a hi-low switch??? and does it need to be wired in a series with the clutch??

Already have a trinary switch in the system, and if this is a hi-low switch, can it be bypassed, or should I use it??

The one I got from a junkyard---to get the hoses routing right---I cannot recall if it had an electric fan or not---was a 95 S-10 and I think those have mechanical fans. So I do not believe this is a fan switch.

302 Z28 01-02-2010 03:34 PM

The new compressor should come with some literature about how much oil should be added prior to running it. If not I would add at least a couple of ounces and add that amount to the total the system requires. The switch on the back of the R4 is a high pressure switch and since you are using the trinary switch from Vintage Air you can ignore it.


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