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Tp tools sell a lot of sandblasters, and its a known fact, that if you can sand blast without getting moisture into your media, you should never ever have a paint problem.

But why would they know anything?

Now as far as your airline setup, I see you have a air dryer, I don't, I can't afford that luxury.

The reason you have that dryer in there, is because you need to run a minimum of 50' before you go into the filters.

Looks like your about 10' short.

Or is that two air dryers?

Black pipe is pretty close to half the price of galvanized.

You don't see any air dryers in that drawing I put on, but that system works, and works well, if it didn't I wouldn't have it.

I keep a dumpster here, and I would put the whole business right in there without a second thought if it didn't work.

I would imagine there is a little maintenance to be done on those air dryers.

Painting is only one part of a restoration, bead and pot blasting sometimes come into play.

I'll tell you something Brian, I spent about three days trying to make that drawing, and its been on eight car forums, and then you jump right on the black pipe.

If it wasn't the black pipe it would be something else, you will find a way to degrade somebodys hard work.

You should try and compliment somebody when they take the time to do things like this.

My wife is 65 years old, and she resizes all these pictures and cleans up my english, she made the web site, and she has spent a lot of time putting all of this stuff on, as well as myself, you sure can ruin a guys day.


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