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Warhammer 12-26-2011 10:09 PM

Air line plumbing question
I have a question regarding plumbing for air lines. Im going to put a 60 gallon compressor in a storage room adjacent to my garage. The room is approximately 10 long by 4 wide. The compressor will be in approximately the middle of the back wall of the room to the left of the door. I was thinking about running copper lines around 3 sides of the top of the room. Essentially the copper line would go up the wall by the compressor, then down to the corner, across the 4 wall, then up the other 10 wall across from the compressor. Then I was going to just return it along the same path a foot or so higher. It would be similar to the setup shown here, except it will travel 3 walls instead of 2. I would really like to keep all of the drains together on the wall beside the compressor, so I was thinking of just putting a drop with a ball valve at the start of it, eg where the compressor ties on and slope the bottom run back towards that drop. The top run coming back to the compressor would also have a drain drop like shown in the diagram I linked. Basically, I would be eliminating the drain drop shown in his section 1, in favor of a drain drop where the piping begins. Would water still drain back towards the compressor against the air flow direction? Or would it be better to put the drain where bottom run ends, as shown in the drawings?

Would this work as well as the vertical manifolds like in this thread?

spikebot 81 12-27-2011 06:30 AM

Water will form at a low point in the piping system. So if you have a pipe running horizontal and a vertical drop to a work station you will need a low point drain. If you have 1 or 10 low points you will need a drain for each low point in the system. Most larger air systems use air dryers but theses are spendy and not very practical for home shop use. The amount of water in the system depends alot on ambient air temp and how much compressed air being used.

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