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baddogspike15 02-28-2003 02:36 PM

air ride on a 1950 chevy
Does any one know where i could get an air ride kit. That would work on a leaf spring set up.


30 sportcoupe 03-01-2003 10:32 PM

My sons shop specializes in air ride conversions, in Livermore CA There are many options available, The best ride would be making adapters to use the Air Ride Shockwave system and eliminate the leaf springs. One of the best rear kits on the market is made by KP Components, (209)668- 4057. You may need to modify it for your application. Check out his web site or give us a call at (925) 447-DROP to discuss what you want the conversion to do. dale

Phat 03-02-2003 04:51 AM

Baddog Nice start. Looked just like one of mine when i started. Having done a lot of these trucks you have to decide what do yo want from your truck. You still gonna use it for a truck but just want to lower it? Whats your budget? I know a a good shockwave system can cost as much as i have in my whole truck. I know as i have one in my 37 Nash. I most times on Your truck remove all the rear leaves but 2 and run air ride tech s-10 kit. I have had this under my personally shop truck for 6+ years 100,000 plus miles No problems. It rides nice when empty going 1000 mile trip or i can toss 2 crate motors in the back and put some more air to the bags and it rides good and handles the load. The best thing you can do as go with seperate valves on each bag to help stop the roll. I see your is a 3/4 ton...those are my choice for frame as they are diff than a 1/2 but dont kick up as high as the 1/2. What will you be using for a front suspension. Hey here is one i built with all corvette suspension looks just like your truck LOL
[IMG]*zhQ30kEGV2d0RjF9b1nNhHO63blZC HJy3pz!gKG6u59KgJXJ1xoqpbo2JJiO7V22JJPrlailc9sTrf6 XsOu3ykG5fzAbC7EzfQ/badboy1.jpg?dc=4675405227 551050042[/IMG]

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spikes_50 03-02-2003 10:15 AM

thx for the tip, I used to live in Livermor Ca.
Im hopeing to put air ride in the front and back.
Phat could you give me that url again thx

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