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pudge 11-04-2006 02:18 PM

air shocks
have a 79 El Camino That I just got. My Dad convinced me to go old school on my first car. I put Cragars with wide tires on the back. The car already had air shocks on it which I needed as I went from 14 to 15 in. tires. I solved the clearance problem with spacers but I need the air shocks in back. Problem is the shocks only stay inflated a couple of days. I cant hear or feel any leaks and dont know what to do. The shocks look new and the rubber isnt cracked


xxllmm4 11-04-2006 02:55 PM

I have never had air shocks myself but my uncle had a set on his pimp van when I was a kid. We always had him air them up when he went to the gas station so we would look cool lol. I know his shocks would go back down a few days later then stay there for the next month before he had to refill them.

They may just be worn out, you might want to try contacting the manufacture but I think its just kinda the nature of the beast.


trees 11-04-2006 05:02 PM

Time to get the soap and water out and bathe each joint in the filler line, including the filler valve stem. These are tiny plastic connectors that can not stand much more than finger tight and can be a bit leak prone.I have had them stay up for a year or more way back when.


pasadenahotrod 11-05-2006 10:39 PM

Changing from 14" to 15" wheels should not make it necessary to install air shocks unless you've gone to a really wide rim and tire, say over 8" or so.
The main reason air shocks leak down is the joint fittings, the schraeder valve, and that crappy plastic pipe that comes with them. If that pipe is anywhere near a pinch point, it will be pinched and, slow leak (in your case, major leak, 'cause a slow leak usually takes a week or more to go down), or if it is installed anywhere near the exhaust, melt down, leak city.

I would bet that your Camino might just need a new set of rear coil springs too. They are available very reasonably from any O'Reilly's or CarQuest or NAPA store. They are fairly easy to install, but can be dangerous, act accordingly. I installed a new set of springs on the 76 Camino I had and it raise the tail almost 6 inches, yes, half a foot!! The new front springs changed the whole picture there too, up almost 4 inches. After the first coupe of weeks driving they settled in at about 5" in the rear and 4" in the front. But what a difference in ride and handling....WOW! The car looked better and drove and rode better too. All this for less than $135 in parts.

Brian_B 11-05-2006 10:46 PM

Another option might be a "load leveler" type of shock. They have a coil spring on the outside which helps carry some of the vehicle weight. I had them on a 70 Buick GS stage 1 long ago.

I am not referring to coil-overs which are $300-400. :nono:

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