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meschnebly 07-14-2005 08:14 PM

Alternator bracket help!
I'm at wits ends here guys. I'm not having any luck aligning up my alternator. I'm locating it on the driverís side and my brackets donít seem to be working. I'm using the following brackets.
There just seems to be no way to line this adjuster arm up on the water pump. I have a Monza 305ci with a short water pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there is a different/better type of bracket to use?


bracketeer 07-15-2005 12:02 AM

C3 Corvettes have the alternator on the drivers side with the short water pump. You may want to use these brackets.

Your problem might be the curved adjuster bracket. It is supposed to be bolted on with the upper drivers side water pump bolt. The bracket goes behind the alt with the bolt coming in from the rear.

meschnebly 07-15-2005 06:42 AM

Yeah I thought of that but I still must be doing something wrong. The adjuster bar is still over an inch out from that top water pump bolt. I guess I could use a huge spacer but it sure seems like there should be a better way to do it.


Kevin45 07-15-2005 09:59 AM

Snap a pic of the setup you currently have so we can take a look-see. There are quite a few different brackets that can be used.

meschnebly 07-15-2005 10:12 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are the pics of the upper part with the alternator attached and the lower where I thought the adjuster arm attaches to the upper water pump bolt. There will be VERY little adjustment with this setup it seems.

Rob Keller 07-16-2005 08:02 PM

its not that uncommon for spacers to be used i've seen many a spacer lost and replaced with a apropriate sized socket

have you tried flopping the pivot bracket and going to the other side of the alt?

show us the drivers side veiw please

sr66 :thumbup:

OneMoreTime 07-16-2005 08:49 PM

Just thinking and I get in trouble for that sometimes.. :nono:

But just thinking on this and should not that alt be hanging down from the what is now the bottom bracket with the adjuster bar to the bottom of the alternator..Seems like that alt is awful high where it is now at..??

most of the time I see the alt tucked down beside the block not up by the rocker arm cover..


lakota 07-16-2005 09:01 PM

meschnebly, it looks like you're using a flat arm piece. Look around the junk yards for an older 60s Chevy V8. Some used an arm with a 1" S bend in it to alleviate the problem of different pully set ups. Don't go to great expense, use a handfull of washers for spacers. Use just enough to get your alt to the right alignment.

66GMC 07-16-2005 09:17 PM

Washer / Sockets as spacers!?? Eeeewww!
If you need to use a spacer, go and see your friendly neigborhood Ford dealer (yup Ford) and ask him to order you a Motorcraft part number YS-30 (provided that it hasn't been obsoleted).

It's an aluminum spacer that's used on Motorcraft alternators from the 60's up into the mid-80's. It's easily cut with a hacksaw, and looks far more "pro" than a stack of flat-washers.

I suppose that these are also a "dime a dozen" at almost any auto wrecker as well.

I also found a site that has an excellent selection of bracketry via e-bay...

And hey! Just looking at your picture ... doesn't the bolt usually thread in from the front instead of from the rear?


meschnebly 07-17-2005 07:51 AM

Well, I just got back from the Car Craft show in Minneapolis and saw several with this same bracket. Looks like almost all who dont bend the bracket uses spacers to line things up. I'll give it a try and see how that works. Thanks for the ideas guys.


bracketeer 07-17-2005 10:09 AM

My stock assembly uses a 1/4" spacer. It looks like you need a thicker one than that.

Rob Keller 07-17-2005 10:55 AM

could i see a pic 180* from the ones posted please??

sr66 :thumbup:

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