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i accidently connected the cables backwards with jumper booster pack on a 1999 avenger at the shop today because the battery was dead in it and i needed to drive it into the shop onto the lift.,
i found that the 30amp fuse for the alternator/choke circuit in the box under the hood was burnt.

im not sure if it already was but im thinking it was since the battery was dead

now whats funny is that when i connected the booster backards but didnt know it yet the starter wouldnt spin the engine the starter was just spinnign away. i thought maybe a tooth was borken off the flexplate or the bendix wasnt coming out of the starter nose and engaging into the flexplate teeth

i finally noticed i had the booster connected to the battery backwards

it actually charged the battery backwards too.

i had a fun time reversing the polarity of the battery but it finally did it after i disconnected the negative cable from the battery

the positive cable clamp was broken and soft and finally snapped off so had to replace that real quick

and i jumped the alternator fuse wires together they are about 10 or 8 guage pretty good size wires., all good now, works great after a good charge up of the battery

i believe the alternator fuse was already toasted though and the car was running off the battery only and thats why the battery was dead already. the battery cables on this car are both freaking black,, and only the negative one has any color in it and thats just a little yellow stripe on it.,,,,, pretty retarded.,,,, it has no red cable.... stupid...

but regardless, it didnt hurt anything all is well and its running charging doing awesome now,, im sure the alt fuse being burnt saved the alt from any damage luckily,

the owner said it needed a fuel pump, well it wasnt that... it was the charging system problems.,,,, that are now repaired. the trans we replaced in it last year for them, i had to bypass the safety neutral and such wiring at the front of the trans because the replacmeent one didnt have the harness plugs for it, these chrysler FWD trannies were randomly different in these late 90s years early 2000s years like this i dont knwo why but its easy to bypass the switch wiring so it works., i just cut off both wiring harness plug ends and conect the two starter wires together on these cars. eclipses also.
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