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Intake manifold gasket failure...

Hello boomer57tux,
In your particular situation it may be possible that the seller was aware of this problem and passed it on to you without comment. You may have some recourse with negotiation depending upon the circumstances of how you bought the vehicle. I would contact the seller and pursue a conversation. It is certainly an underhanded process when one passes on known problems as if they did not exist.

In my particular case, my daughter was the car owner and work had been done under warranty. That work eventually failed later past warranty for which she shelled out the cost to fix it a second time.

Since then, I have taken ownership of the car and have had no problems with the car other than a leaking gasket in the valve cover gasket set which seals the four spark plug wells to prevent oil leaking into the spark plug wells from the cam shafts area. That is a fix which an owner can perform if he has some minor mechanical savvy.

This car is fun to drive and seems like a great car. As with any device, there are always certain areas of weakness which may be vulnerable particularly to assembly practices and peculiarities which are unknown.

The example of my oil leak into the second spark plug well is a prime example in which a vertical stud between #2 and #3 plug well distorted the plug well gasket at #2 since there is a connecting strap between the donuts on the plug well gasket which ought to be removed between #2 and #3 plug well in order to avoid deforming the gasket.

This problem was not intentionally designed in but was a failure by installers or gasket makers to warn installers about the presence of the stud between #2 and #3 and not an engineering design failure.

The new Felpro gasket sets also failed to warn customers about this problem which I suspect is common among owners of this vehicle. The Felpro gasket set did not even contain instructions since the installation appears so obvious.

In your case, I'd start by negotiating with the seller and go from there. Nissan dealers may be sympathetic but generally I have found that they pretend to be unaware of certain common problems which always makes me wonder about their honesty. Welcome to the world of business!
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