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Originally Posted by LS-57
I don't mean to talk negative about a repair you want to do but I want to save you the hassle of repairing it again & again. I doubt JB Weld will work, if the housing broke, how will gluing it back together be stronger? If the JB is stronger than the housing (which I doubt) it will break directly beside the repair because that will be the weakest point. If JB is not stronger it will break in the same spot because if your starter broke, it did so for a reason.
If a stater is adjusted correctly, you have a good flexplate & your motor is running good, you won't have starter problems. My experience has been that the starter is either mis-adjusted, the ring gear is worn or there is another problem with the way the motor runs at startup.
Check the starter adjustment & the ring gear first. If those are perfect than check the timing then check the solenoid in the distributor. I've discovered a few over the years that cause a misfire at startup & caused starter troubles because they cause the motor to kick back periodically. It's not common but it's worth a try.
Best of luck
Happy New Year
Hey its cool man, I dont think you are "talking negative". If you look closely at my pictures, you will see that the outer ear hasnt broken off, it actually isnt even close to breaking off. That crack is very small. I am not for sure yet, but I dont think that crack even goes up the side of the bolt hole yet. Before my starter broke the last nose cone, it actually started up very nice and smooth, except when it got hot because of the exhaust pipe.

So if I put on a brace, and prevent that crack from growing, I should be okay. If not I will put a stud in that bolt hole like I said earlier.

By the way, I've checked just about everything you mentioned. The only thing I cant check is the timing. Previous owner put a chrome cover on without the timing marks. I once heard you could check the timing by hooking up a vaccum gauge, is that true? If so I would really like to know how to do it. Thanks bro, Happy New Years to you as well, thanks for all the insight!

Originally Posted by bondo

Just Curious,...

Just How in 'ell are you going to mount the starter if you weld a Stud into that broken Hole,..??..??..??
Hey thanks for reading this thread.
Thats what I thought at first when somebody recommended it to me. The stud needs to be a piece of high quality all-thread. You bottom out the all-thread in the hole, and tack weld it in place. Then you put the starter on the 1 good bolt hole, and put a nut on the all thread, PRESTO.

I apologize for jabbering about the '3 bolt hole starter'. That specific model bolts to the bell housing not the block.
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