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1957Fairlane 09-20-2012 08:26 PM

Another sewing machine question..which one?
I'm looking into biting the bullet and getting an industrial machine. My husband seems to think I can do the interior in the 1957 Fairlane we are restoring (this one is MINE!!! woohoo!!!). Anyway, I've searched high and low in my area and have found the following:
Tacsew T11 - new $1050 from store A
Juki DNU1541 - new $1549 from store A - would probably have to really sweet talk my husband to get him to agree to this one.
Singer 211 - refurbished $975 from store B
Consew 226 - refurbished $975 from store B - this one was made by Seiko (stamped inside machine)
Juki LU563 - refurbished $975 from store B
Consew 206RB - new $1300 from store B
Which one would you get? My gut feeling is that I do not like store A, but would buy from them if it were a better deal. Visited store B and they were very helpful and knowledgable. They had me leaning towards the refurbished Consew 226, but I really have no idea what one would be better. They apparently service a LOT of Tacsew's for the company that makes/distributes them (local to my area) and told me to stay away from them. All machines come with servo motor and stand. Any thoughts? Help a girl out before her husband changes his mind ;)! Thanks!

OneMoreTime 09-21-2012 12:14 AM

I have found it best in business to go with the vendor I am most comfortable with when the price is fairly close..All of those machines can work for you..


DanTwoLakes 09-21-2012 07:19 AM

I would choose almost any of those machines, but my last choice would be the Consew 206. All Consew machines are made by Seiko in Japan, except the new Consew 206's, which are made in China. My sewing machine mechanic told me to stay away from them. The Tacsew is a clone of the Consew 206.

My first choices would be any of the older three that are $975. The older machines are better built, in my estimation. I've been sewing on my Consew 226 for 25 years, and do 90% of my sewing with it. It works perfectly, parts and accessories are easy to get, and they are not expensive. If any of the machines doesn't have reverse, that would be a deal breaker for me.

If you can swing the new $1549 Juki, that is the best value of the bunch, but $574 more is a lot of money, especially if you're not trying to make a living with the machine.

I'm assuming they all have a table and motor and are set up ready to go.

Cape Cod Bob 09-21-2012 08:04 PM

I would love to see pics of your Fairlane 57 as I learned to drive on my Dad;s back in 62. Are you on the 57 Fords International forum ?:welcome:

1957Fairlane 09-22-2012 09:13 AM

Thank you so much! I think I am going to jump on the refurbished Consew! The bad vibes I got from the first store really make me want to walk away. Well, that and the fact that I had my household machine tuned up there and it still squeaks...argh! I cannot wait to get started with the new old machine! I'm terrified and excited at the same time. Look for me to be on this forum with lots more questions in the future ;)

123pugsy 09-22-2012 12:34 PM

Good luck with the project. :thumbup: Don't forget to post some pics.

1957Fairlane 09-23-2012 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by Cape Cod Bob (Post 1592757)
I would love to see pics of your Fairlane 57 as I learned to drive on my Dad;s back in 62. Are you on the 57 Fords International forum ?:welcome:

I think we've lurked on that forum, but my husband has posted a bunch of pics of our project on the 57fordsforever forum. I believe his id there is 512Fairlane (referring to the Thunderbolt clone he drag races). Here is a link to a thread on that forum. I beleive he has links to lots of flickr pictures in that thread. Right now we have the body off the frame, so we're in the very beginning stages of this's going to be awhile until we can actually drive her.

New to 57 Fords - New Project Car-Pics added

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