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Jon 07-07-2005 03:58 PM

Answers To Common Questions -- Please Read Before Posting
Here's a list of common questions that get posted here in the Site Suggestions and Help forum. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please consult the main Frequently Asked Questions section. If you still can't find an answer, please feel free to start a new thread in this forum.

QUESTION: How do I get my own photo under my username?

ANSWER: These photos are called "avatars". You can upload your own avatar picture from your computer, via your user control panel: User CP ==> Edit Avatar. Avatar dimensions are limited to 120x90, and 25kb in size.

QUESTION: I lost my password, can you send it to me?

ANSWER: Hotrodders Bulletin Board passwords are heavily encrypted and secured. For your own security, not even the board administrator knows your password. However, you can easily reset your board password simply by entering the email address that you used to sign up, and following the instructions in the email that gets sent to you. If you need to reset your password, just click here to do so.

QUESTION: Can I change my username?

ANSWER: Maybe. We typically don't allow username changes, as it results in a lot of confusion. However, if you've accidentally misspelled your username, or if you unintentionally entered your real name as your username, then we're usually happy to change your username for you. To request a username change, please start a new thread here in the Site Suggestions and Help forum.

QUESTION: How do I start my own Hotrodders Project Journal?

ANSWER: Hotrodders Project Journals are photo-journals for recording the progress on your current hotrodding project. They're free, and easy to use. To get started with your own Project Journal, just click here.

QUESTION: Can we have multiple Project Journals for different hotrodding projects?

ANSWER: At this time, only single Project Journals are allowed. You can document your different projects simply by starting a new entry in your journal. However, due to the success of the Project Journal software, we are now in the process of re-writing it to add more functionality. Options for searching journals, and for organizing multiple journals (sub-journals) are on the drawing board for the new software.

QUESTION: Why was my thread Dumped?

ANSWER: Discussions that get out of hand are transferred to the "Dump" forum by a board moderator or administrator. This is done as an alternative to immediately deleting threads. Threads in the Dump can be viewed for 30 days, and then they're deleted. Only board members can view the Dump, and no new posting is allowed in a thread once it's "Dumped". Threads are typically sent to the Dump because they contain profanity, hatred, or violence, or if they become uncivilized or otherwise out of hand. We don't like censoring people, so we try to Dump as few threads as possible. However, we like to provide a balance between allowing people freedom to discuss what they choose, and providing a reasonably "family-friendly" (PG or PG-13) environment. If you feel that a thread in which you participated was unfairly Dumped, please post a new thread here in the Site Suggestions and Help forum.

QUESTION: What's the deal with signatures on this board? Why can't we have them?

ANSWER: A signature (or "sig") is a few lines of text that typically follows every post that a user makes on a bulletin board. On the Hotrodders Bulletin Board, our general rule is that we don't allow signatures for members. Here's why:

--Signatures can become very large and dominate the screen, with multiple lines of text, links, and images.

--Signatures have to be actively policed, since people may include obscenity, advertising, or otherwise inappropriate content or links.

--Since signatures appear with every single post, an inappropriate sig would alter every single post that a user ever made. This could be thousands of webpages. This is the same reason that we don't allow people to upload their own avatars at will. The vast majority of our members would be respectful and cool with their sigs and avatars, but a very small percentage would disrespect the privilege, so we had to put this rule in place.

Bearing this in mind, we do allow our moderators to have their own signatures, and we are considering allowing members with 1000+ posts to also have their own signatures.

QUESTION: Can we have a chat room?

ANSWER: No. Here's why:

--When people post on the board, their questions and answers are all saved in our searchable database. While we could similarly record all chat conversations as well, chat dialogs tend to be more "chatty" than bulletin board discussions. The result would be a question-and-answer session that was less knowledge-dense, and thus, less valuable

--Chat rooms tend to attract users that are more focused on having a good time than exchanging knowledge. Since we want our user base to be filled with people who are here primarily to learn, a chat environment is not the best option for us.

QUESTION: My post count number is less than the number of posts I've made. Why?

ANSWER: Posts made in the Hotrodders' Lounge, Hot Rod Art, and Off-Topic forums don't count towards one's post count. Also, posts in threads that have been Dumped are subtracted from one's post count when the Dump is periodically cleaned out. Keep in mind that a post count is really "just a number"; it's not a direct indication of technical skill or knowledge. However, just like posts include information about members' ages, the dates that they joined, and links to their previous posts and their project journals, we include the post count as another factor to help you make your own estimation as to the value of the information being contributed by each member.

QUESTION: What's up with the star graphics and the "Wiki Edits" by my username?

ANSWER: also runs the Crankshaft Coalition Wiki, a hotrodding encyclopedia that you can edit. To start your "Wiki Edits" count, you'll need to register a username on the wiki. To do so, simply click the "create account" link at the top right-hand side of any wiki page.

Once you create a wiki account and start editing wiki articles, your Wiki Edits count will go up.

The star graphics are called "Barnstars". They are wiki traditions, given as a symbol of "Barnraising" -- the act of coming together in one place, at one time, to help finish a big task. Anyone with at least one wiki edit will display a Barnstar graphic.

Keep in mind that you can edit the wiki anonymously -- you won't be prompted for a username or password. Only the edits that you make while logged in to the wiki will count towards your "Wiki Edits" count. So, make sure you are logged in by looking at the top right-hand side of any wiki page.

"Wiki Edits" counts are updated hourly.

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