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6thjoker 01-24-2003 01:01 PM

Anti-Piggy Kit?
How hard would it be for me to wire a bracket that slides my licence plate down into the bumper (or flips it around) and wire up my lights(front and back) to a switch so at night if a piggy comes rollin up because im "crusin" too fast (70-80 normally) I can hit the switch, hit the other switch (NOS) and get off at the next exit without him seein the black blur that he thought was a car? I think this would be a cool idea....

stonedchihuahua 01-24-2003 03:54 PM

although I don't advise running from the cop since there is gunna be 50 more up ahead and a chopper following... If you license plate flips down it is easy... just run a small elecric motor from a toy car or something and wire it up... remove the spring that holds the plate in place and make sure that the small electric motor holds the plate in place or rig somethin up...

As for the rear tail lights.. take all the wires that go to the rear lights and hook them up t a switch... (if you want no brake lights you are gunna need 2 switches, no signals 3)

rs 01-24-2003 04:51 PM

You’ve been watching too many James Bond movies…..

stonedchihuahua 01-24-2003 07:22 PM

Yeah not quit but there was this dumb poor kid I know... he said he was gunna get a old bel air (don't know where he was gunna get the money) and put all this james bond stuff in cuz it would be SOOOOO COOL... I almost punched the kid when he reccomended doing it to my car...

Although I too have thought about the good old flipping license plate trick, I decided against it though since with my luck i would leave it down all the time and I would flick the switch to get away and it would flip up... of course this would be when the cop pulls me over for having my plate flipped down

BstMech 01-24-2003 07:35 PM

I always thought about a smokescreen, like Spyhunter. Maybe a little deisel injection into the exhaust? I know a large fire extinguisher works pretty good (did it to a friend that was following me once). :D

TF355S10 01-24-2003 08:32 PM

I think I've seen the flipping license plate in a kit form in some street rod magazine. "For the smooth no plate look at car shows", if I remember right.
The tail/brake light cutout is easy.
1st find the fuse for the taillight and pull it out. Now run a wire from one side of the fuse holder through an inline fuse to a switch, out the other side of the switch back to the opposite side of the fuse holder. Do the same for the brake lights and you now have a few combinations you can choose from.
1. Normal
2. Headlights on / taillights on / brake lights off.
3. Headlights on / taillights off / brake lights off.
4. Headlights on / taillights off / brake lights on.
This is very easy if you have the blade type fuses. Just use a male spade terminal on the wires that go to to fuse holder and plug them in. Nothing permanent, just unplug if you choose to take the switches out.
Just make sure to use good quality switches, (very important on the taillight circuit if you do alot of night driving). It really sucks to get pulled over for not having taillights because your cheap switch melted! <img src="graemlins/nono.gif" border="0" alt="[nono]" />

[ January 24, 2003: Message edited by: TF355S10 ]</p>

stonedchihuahua 01-24-2003 11:27 PM

haha trying to kill your friend I see???

Should do that with a beater car then slam on my brakes...

BstMech 01-25-2003 02:54 PM


kitkar 01-25-2003 08:11 PM

Don't forget the oil slick kit in the trunk. Use a toggle switch, w/washer pumps in the trunk, tubing, and T-jet nozzles.

Kevin45 01-26-2003 09:11 AM

Joker...He don't need to see your license plate. He'll just radio ahead and tell the next cop that there is a ******* in such and such a vehicle and they'll scrape you off the side of another car, pole, etc. If you don't burn up they'll have enough off your license to know who you are to call the next of kin. It's dip****s like you that pass ones like me then slam on the brakes to turn the corner or I'll pull up right behind you in the next town or stop sign and I don't have to risk my life or anyone elses. Right, cruisin 70-80. Nothing like an arrogant little snot that thinks he's the only one on the road and everyone else is in his way.

Kevin45 01-26-2003 09:12 AM


tm454 01-27-2003 10:35 AM

JC Whitney sell a kit to hid the plate. Also a kit to open up your exhaust after the headers. I don't know about a smoke screen or oil slick kit. You might just have to rig that up yourself. Watch a few old moon shine runner movies and get some real crazy ideas to use.

Todd :eek: :rolleyes: :eek: :D

meanmachine666 01-27-2003 10:47 AM

get ahold of sry tech in houston texas they can sit you up with everything you want but it will cost you.

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