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I think I've seen the flipping license plate in a kit form in some street rod magazine. "For the smooth no plate look at car shows", if I remember right.
The tail/brake light cutout is easy.
1st find the fuse for the taillight and pull it out. Now run a wire from one side of the fuse holder through an inline fuse to a switch, out the other side of the switch back to the opposite side of the fuse holder. Do the same for the brake lights and you now have a few combinations you can choose from.
1. Normal
2. Headlights on / taillights on / brake lights off.
3. Headlights on / taillights off / brake lights off.
4. Headlights on / taillights off / brake lights on.
This is very easy if you have the blade type fuses. Just use a male spade terminal on the wires that go to to fuse holder and plug them in. Nothing permanent, just unplug if you choose to take the switches out.
Just make sure to use good quality switches, (very important on the taillight circuit if you do alot of night driving). It really sucks to get pulled over for not having taillights because your cheap switch melted! <img src="graemlins/nono.gif" border="0" alt="[nono]" />

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