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emissisons testing

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut I'm going to express my views on the emmissions testing and wait for the rocks to come flying my way.
Although I do believe that we do need to protect the environment I think we need to re-think the whole situation.
In Texas, in certain counties where the chemical companies have polluted the hell out of the atmosphere, cars and trucks have to pass the emmissions test if they're over 3 years old. Now what that tells me is that if you go down to your local dealership and give that Bastadr a large chunk of your money every three years, you've just bought your way out of the emissions headache. Quite frankly, I doubt if the cars would pass emmissions testing if you drove them straight off the showroom floor to the tester but you've antied up and the dealership is happy and his political campaign contribution has paid off.
And, quite by coincidence (an old law), You have to register your vehicle in the county in which you live.
My main bithc about this is that it really screws the folks that have other priorities (like eating, paying the house note/rent, paying utility bills and paying outragous taxes)
Anyhow, there it is.
Charlie Smith
This is really cleaver being to add to a previoulsy posted message. This is a heck of a great web site!
Anyway, I was discussing the above with some friends at the local Holiday Inn Bar last nite and one of them told me that they (some local t.v. station) did do a t.v. program on emmissions testing brand new cars and 2 out of 3 did indeed fail.
In all fairness, maybe the rings hadn't had a chance to "wear in" but I honestly think that even if they had driven the cars a couple of hundred miles to wear in the rings they still would have failed.
Charlie again

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