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Originally Posted by 6sally6
Many of the magazines have article on?
I have read about many combinations but NEVER heard from anyone who actually built one!!
I am interested in the one that uses a 400SBC engine block with a 3.25" stroke(327 crankshaft) and uses the 6.123" FORD 300six cylinder rods. (Heck uva combo ,huh?!) Its SUPPOSE to produce huge torque figures on lo- octane gas. Make over 400 HP.
My pal and I are interested in building such engine for a circle-track(dirt) racer. The cu. in. limit is 350 cubes. THIS would give us the size but with a HUGE piston and short stroke.
Got lotsa questions for ANYONE who has first hand knowledge of this engine build.
This is one of those things that looks really good on paper, dyno's just enough to keep the argument alive with people thinking they saw something and continuing to chase it, basically if a little is good a lot is better kind of thing, but the result they're looking for is always just over the horizon. When you get it on the street or track, the time slips don't show anything and no you can't run it with a high state of tune at 11 to 1 compression on 87 octane unleaded moving a 4000 pound pick up with 3.08 gears. Reality is a far different place than dynamometers and computations.

Obviously there are limits on too short or too long out there on some extreme, but within reason, that being the Chevy 400 short rod and the 6 inch aftermarket rod, you'd be hard pressed to measure the difference in output or lifespan.

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