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78_Ford_Pickup_man 11-17-2005 06:55 PM

any suggestions
:welcome: does anybody have any suggestions for what i can do to give my 78 ford pickup any more power and does anybody have a positraction or locker that they are willing to get rid of. the engine is a 302 :welcome:

"70" Cougar 11-17-2005 08:06 PM

i would probably do the regular things .. like headers and exhaust, check the transmission (if auto mabe a stage 2 shift kit) that locker would help mabe traction bars . Motor wise i would say depending on the shape of the motor , maybe an intake and some head work and a carb. You see theres soo many different things to do. Your only question is how much money you wanna spend and how much time you have .

OH and my first truck (vehicle ) was a 77 f150 three speed on the colom with a 351m . I love those ol trucks and still own the fist and another only this won is a 79 250 4x4 with a 429 . keep me in the know about you ride if ya dont mind .(y)

have a good one

tm454 11-20-2005 11:47 AM

did you look here? Summit has a whole section in its catalog on the sbf engine hop up parts.


sbf342 11-27-2005 04:12 AM

well , as ford guy and a fan of the 302 i'll have to say that you need to start with the bolt on's. start with headers and exhaust, then get that ole carb and intake off there . unless you plan on changing out the heads get a holley 2- barrel carb and edelbroke intake. that will give the ole truck a little more pep in her step. but if your looking for more than a little pep, you gotta get those 2-barrel heads off there and not spend wasted money on the 2 barrel carb and intake. If the motor is in good shape and you want a noticable power diff. I suggest you change the heads , cam ( complete matching valve train ) intake and carb ( 4- barrel ) , headers and exhaust. And as for the posi lock , i assume you still have the stock rear end and a used posi will be hard to find. Better off in the long run to buy one new and be done with it. while your in that rear end you'll be money ahead to rebuild it while you have it apart.

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