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Originally Posted by oldred
That is totally uncalled for, no one called anyone a liar and no one from Eastewood said anything about having a different machine inside that case. Matt@Eastwood did say they specified certain components had to meet their specs and I never said or even hinted otherwise but expecting to find a totally different welder in that case just is not reasonable, somewhat better quality maybe but buying empty cases and having a completely different design/parts installed just does not make sense nor do they claim such a thing!
I disagree, it was not uncalled for, I asked a simple question, I never said anyone called someone a liar. When I read your posts my understanding of what you are saying is that the welders are the same as the the other units, just re-badged. If this is what you think, then you would have to think that Matt@Eastwood is lying since he clearly says this is not the case. If you do not think this, then I apologize, I do not understand what you are trying to say then. That is why I asked it as a question because I wanted to know for sure.

Matt@Eastwood said "
But that is basically where the similarities end. Where the differences lie, is internally. Our units are manufactured with “ bigger cams” (a super high charge/discharge capacitor)-assuring consistent arc starting and spot-weld capabilities , “ported heads” (industrial grade press- fit semiconductor vs. many welders which have soldered-on semi conductors). All of this allows for the ultimate in weld bead quality and reliability, along with consistent output, and blue printed drive motor assembly-producing ultra smooth wire flow. We wanted to make sure our welders were equivalent to the “Icon” ( Lincoln Mig Pak) internally and could perform just as well, all while keeping the price affordable. Backed by our 3 year warranty, and Eastwood’s “Satisfaction Guarantee” (try it for 30 days hassle free!) vs. mystery brands that may not last the test of time or be able to discuss in detail the technical aspects of their welders. So in closing we aren’t trying to reinvent the “small block”, simply offer an affordable, equivalent option for a guy that can’t justify the price of the “icon”."

In my opinion this says they took a case and put the parts they wanted inside it. This backs up what I said. To me it says they did not take a Chinese welder already being manufactured and put there name on it.

I believe neither of us is understanding the point the other wants to make.
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