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Originally Posted by 327NUT
roger1...timely post, I called Eastwood today and asked the same thing as others, "Who makes this rig". The guy wouldn't give a name but said that its made by a big name company. I said it looks like a Lincoln, again he said ...its made by a big name company. So my question to you, can you weld 1/4" plate with your 135...and whats the listed duty cycle. You have a nice outfit with the argon gas and cart. Looks like I have some research to do.

I know you were directing this question to someone else but let me assure you that you can weld 1/4" with that welder. You may not do it in one pass but that generally would not be a good idea anyway with wire that small however with a bit of preheat from a torch and multiple passes you are not limited as to what thickness metal you can weld, those claims of "welds 1/4" etc" just don't make much sense and are nothing but sales pitches. The only limiting factor with these little machines is of course the duty cycle but that limits the time you can spend welding between cooling periods and with proper preheating and a willingness to give the machine ample time to cool between weld passes there really is no limit to the metal thickness you can weld, 1/4" would not be much of a problem at all unless you are talking about big items. Things like brackets or frames would be no problem but the trick is to preheat the weld area to about 400 deg or so (just too hot to touch with your bare hand), this is a good idea anyway no matter how big your welding rig. When you get your welder try welding two pieces of 1/4" while still cold then weld two more after preheat and you will see what I am talking about, even a propane torch can be used for this if you don't have a welding/cutting rig.

BTW, When the guy at Eastwood said those machines are made by a "Big company" he might want you to think that they are made by Lincoln because they look like Lincoln but the reason these machines (all the brands not just Lincoln and Eastwood) look the same is that they are all just rebranded Chinese imports that they all buy from the same "Big (Chinese) company! They are the same and this has become a common way of selling things these days, be it welders, machine shop equipment, etc, they buy from a Chinese supplier and slap their name on it! Some people seem to think that while they look the same the insides are different but they come from the same Chinese company and if those guys want to pay more money based on the idea that the more expensive brand is better then fine but from what I have seen (based on looking at welders and machinery) that simply is not true, it's your money and your call on the brand.
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