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First let me first appologize for being a greedy crook oil man for the past 40 years producing all that evil gasolne to power your GTOs and Vettes. I'll think about repenting but it will be hard in view of the obscene profits I have made all these years.

Let's look at your machine with a little engineering logic. I realize that makes the analysis bogus but humor me, I was trained to think logically. You claim that your machine improves the energy output of a given volume of gasoline 50%. If that is the case (follow the logical progression here), would not adding a second machine to your car double the energy output of any fuel used in the engine and allow elimination of all the gasoline? Now you could run your 150hp engine on 100% on-board generated hydrogen thru a couple of ~6hp alternators. Now I have to resort to that ignorant, unenlightened engineering education I got but again, humor me, I got my learnin' from college, not You-Tube videos. Since an internal combustion, 4-cycle engine (Otto cycle) is capable of 20% to 25% thermal efficiency, the alternators are ~95% efficient, and the electrolysis process is only ~80% efficient unless you are using platinum electrodes, your machine is 8 to 10 times more efficient than previously theoretically possible!

Stated another way, the hydrogen you generate contains many times more energy than the gasoline (or hydrogen) burned to generate it. It follows that the hydrogen you generate will have more energy than any fuel used to generate it. Thus you could power ~15 or so alternators from your engine generating hydrogen. Only 2 of the alternators are need to run your engine so the excess hydrogen from that engine could power more engines generating more excess hydrogen. That could go on infinitely and the whole world could be powered from free hydrogen.

Again, the lure of perpetual motion machines (be they hydrogen generators, 100mpg carburetors, complicated rotating weight and lever machines, rope and pulley contraptions, there have been infinite perpetual motion machines proposed over the centuries) is strong and folks have always and will always fall for them.
>> dont you think you should check this out before you let your mouth overload your brain. As a moderator you should be seeking the facts not what you think about your faulty facts and you have no evidence what so ever. I rest my case on all of you who want to stay in the cave man days.. If I ever took this to court my proof would be accepted as fact because it is all true and can not be faulted by anyone. This hydrogen generators sold all over the ebay and else where has never been proven to be a farce by anyone. Only arm chair no it alls. This has been concluded for me no proof from the arm chairs. but I have proof.. bye bye all
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