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wouldn't even put it in the same category with cross fire. I was skeptical of the wanda at first but have used it for the past few months on a few cars and am very happy with the results. I couldn't get any better results out of sikkens/lesonal. Metallic control with wanda is amazing.....better than sikkens, imo. I just did a rear bumper on a 2006 lexus gx....tri-stage white pearl. Pulled the bumper..repaired the bump up area around where it meets the tailgate...primed..2 coats of white base and 2 coats of the pearl...perfect. Was worried about it matching good so i just blended it out to where it rolls out and meets the quarter panel....blended excellent. Could have just done the whole bumper as i hate doing panel blends..theres always ANOTHER area on there that needs to be painted that insurance isn't paying for. Topped it off with SPI 2.1 voc production clear. I dont use their clear or their primer...even though i've tried it. Spi all the way in that department. They (wanda) do not have an epoxy.

couldn't have gotten a better result using sikkens and their clear. cut my cost in half by using wanda and spi.

talk junk about it if you want...its virtually the same stuff as sikkens. If you put their color books and their variant systems side by side...they are the same colors...same codes. Friend of mine used my booth a while back and used prospray....i didn't see any difference in sprayability and coverage than with what i'm getting with wanda.

reason you dont hear a lot of about it, is because anyone who is tied with sikkens and sells sikkens...cant make the money off wanda that they do with sikkens. Theres no contracts or none of that mess with wanda. With sikkens/lesonal they have shops locked in with multi year contracts...that means they HAVE to pay $400 for a gallon of clear or $700 for a gallon of red base. Profit margin with sikkens is miles above than wanda...pure business. unfortunately, thats all it amounts Yes, there is virtually no tech support....thats up to the store that carries it.....and they do have a rep that they deal with.

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