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Originally Posted by E.Furgal View Post
as seen as we are talking about a v8.. that means the MSII doesn't do sequential injection.. it has BATCH..
and because it can't do 8 seperate sets of caculations to do sequential injection on the v8 ir a v6 or v10 or a v12.. then it's not FAST enough, the ecu BRAIN isn't powerfull enough..
"semi senquential" isn't senquential unless oyu have a 4 cyl .. when was the last time you saw a 4cyl vette?
and this is why I haven't bought a ms system yet, to many LIE about what it can or can't do..
semi sequenial.. isn't sequential..and never will be.. the reason it doesn't have the "resalution, is the ecu CAN't handle the caculations needed"
it's like dial up and highspeed internet..
Thanks for explaining this to him. Not sure he will ever understand. If it turns 7k rpm then its got to adjust every few revolutions at 700 rpm its about 300 times a second at 7500 it will need to adjust over 3000 times per second. Yes with A turbo i could flood the engine with fuel and make some power. Without any adjustments but its not going to max out. It will run rich and not make its max power. Lean is mean.

With normally asperated engines you cant run them lean or rich and make max power. Its got to be almost dead on the numbers or it will not hit like it could.

Looks like ms3 is the way to go. Unless I find another solution. It looks like the best thing going for cheap. Ms1 is just to slow and ms2 is ms one with updated chip. I would still feel better to find some people running na setup. I have found thru the years that if it works some hotrodder will have one on his car.
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