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Originally Posted by super_silent
what is the comp cams #12-208-2 idle like ?
In the comp catalog its says the idle is "lopey". Its not lopey.
It's a little more aggressive than a stock cam but not yet lopey.
the Isky 20124/271-12 is very similar. Both have good idle vacuum. both will make a little more low/mid range torque than the old 327-350HP 151cam.

What idle are you looking for? Remember as you increase duration and overlap the idle gets rougher (sounds cooler) but the torque curve gets shifted up in the rpm band, which reduces low rpm torque. manifold vacuum is also reduced.
Either of these cams will make a good bit more power than the stock 327-275/300hp cam (929 cam) but will have a little stronger low/mid end torque than the 327-350HP 151 cam does, by the effect of the the shorter intake duration.
In your motor, these cams will give up nothing in peak HP to the 327-350hp cam. Just a little nicer nature if you drive your car more than you race it.

If you want to improve the 327 cylinder heads, keep the 1.94" intake valves and go to to a 1.60" exhaust valve. Then fully port the ports. By fully porting your heads I do not mean take it to the absolute biggest possible race port size. I mean fully rework the ports including the bowls, short side radius, valve guide boss contour shape.
You can gain all the airflow and power you'll ever need (for this motor) without going to a 2.02 valve. The 2.02 valves requires specific chamber reworking to pay off.
This combined with a moderate cam like ones I recomended will get you a good bit more power and torque than what you started with, without getting carried way.
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