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anthony herrera 05-16-2003 08:09 PM

anything better than oven cleaner?
i just had my 68 suburban painted,now i want to clean up the under hood and engine. i have used oven cleaner and a pressure washer but it's not cutting years of dirt and grime.time to bust out the wire brush and 12pak or do you have a plan B for me?

78novaman 05-19-2003 08:14 AM

try Gunk engine degreaser, it takes about anything off, however it might take the paint with it so be careful.

PUSHROD 05-19-2003 12:13 PM

Try using purple power it will take off about anything!!!!!!!,or gas works pretty good too

Mirror Image 05-19-2003 03:47 PM

[quote]Originally posted by PUSHROD:
<strong>Try using purple power it will take off about anything!!!!!!!,or gas works pretty good too</strong><hr></blockquote>

yeah man purple power works great you can get it at Advance auto parts

s15laynrubba 05-19-2003 08:00 PM

I used the purple power from advance to strip the paint from my vette back in '98.I am using it now to strip the paint on my truck.Strong stuff :D

Axelrod 05-21-2003 05:37 PM

If Purple Power strips paint I don't think you would want to risk messing up your new paint job.

I have used Gunk many times over the years to clean up an engine compartment. If fact, I use it every spring to clean the engine bays of our daily drivers. You don't have to worry about it messing up your paint job, just try to minimize sloppong outside of your engine compartment. It works best if the engine is completely warmed up before you spray it on. Leave it set a couple of minutes and then pressure wash the engine compartment working from top to bottom.

If your engine has the original paint you might find some of it comes off when power cleaning but you can always carefully detail and paint after cleaning. Not the easiest thing to do but if you take your time, mask carefully and then install new wires, plugs and remove and repaint brackets and pullys, etc. you should end up with a really nice job. Don't worry about any paint you might get on the cast iron manifolds. They painted them from the factory with the engine but it burns away very soon. Use Calynx dressing to detail the cast iron manufolds after the paint burns off.

Don't use gas, you don't want to risk a fire. Good luck.

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spl_dodge 05-22-2003 09:27 AM

Use a degreaser and let it sit for a few minutes before spraying it off. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER!!!!! It will get into every nook and cranny and possibly mess up the engine.

Be extremely careful when using a degreaser - DO NOT GET IT ON THE PAINT!!!

After you have successfully degreased the engine, spray the engine with no-touch tire foam. It will make the engine bay look brand new.

I use no touch on my inner fender wells and frame and suspension components too - makes them look new without having to re-paint for every show :)

Axelrod 05-22-2003 05:28 PM

I have never had any problems with pressure washing, I use the 25 cent car wash which I believe is around 1200 lbs psi. Obviously you have to use some common sense and keep the tip back away from some areas. I wouldn't put it up close on anything electrical like an alternator. Like I said in my earlier post I've had good luck with this method. The only side effect I ever experienced was a set of soggy plugs in an Acura that apparently leaked past the boots causing some sputtering, DOHC set up. A quick blast with some air cured that.

spl_dodge, I like the No-Touch tire cleaner and dressing. Not as wet looking as some products and doesn't seem to attract dirt. It also make the tires easier to clean the next time. I have never thought to use it anywhere else. Thanks for the tip.

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