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AR Racing Issues

I posted the thread merely cause I have studied the Net Engine builders for some time now, visited many sites claming to be engine builders, even discovered some that built engines at home in the garage, cause you have the knowledge and even experience don't make you an engine builder, to me the definition goes much further, anyway, this aint no AD, just my personal observations and opinions. I found Mark at AR to be receptive, not deceptive, responsive, not reclusive, and informative. I was able to buy a motor that was bought on Ebay and deal fell thru, he had 2 of them a 355 and 383. Price was $2,600 for the 355 and $3,050 for the 383. I choose the 383 for my NOVA cause I don't care for 350s in generic form and wanted more torque. The motor came as advertised, I couldn't use the pan so Mark had a shop pan on the engine with 4 bolts only. I removed the pan checked the crank - Eagle - checked the piston skirts, they are as advertised Speed Pros, and the heads are Dart Iorn Eagles 64cc/200s. I will state again, I went with AR because they are a machine shop first, almost all work done in-house, have good write-ups in various mags, where their engines are used in featured car articles. They are small, which I like (Engine Factory in NJ is much bigger). Furthermore, the bigger guys state a long block price, but push like hell to sell you a turn key engine only!! This holds true for many I have spoken with. Another reason I went with AR, seems the $3,500 price tage quoted by many turns into $5,600 when you get down to the ordering process. Because some dyno the engine, they dont want to remove the iginition, fuel, cooling systems, they definitely want to sell that stuff to you as well. I wanted my own stuff to hang on the motor.
I am just a 60 yr old hotrodder that recently bought a 64 NOVA to fix up and have done most of the research on aftermarket products and especially engines. I could not find an engine builder in my area that could come close to the price I paid for the AR motor. I am forturnate to have a great fabricator/wrencher/motor-head that also has a Pro-Street 64 Nova that is doing all necessary things to my Nova, new posi, frame connectors, mini-tubs- 350 stall/shift kit, and installing the new bullet and tunning it.
In closing - I started this thread cause of my own feelings of intimidation of purchasing an engine on the internet, site unseen, hell! these motors could have anything inside them. Alot of the buys on the net have to be a gut check at times, do you really know what yur gettin? Im glad I found this site cause there seems to be a wealth of great info on all aspects of hotroddin'. I will definitely endorse those that have provided me a good product or service so if that is an AD so be it!!!
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