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Originally Posted by maddart View Post
I was going to use the ptfe on the threads and vaseline under the head bolt/washer. I have a builders book recommending vaseline. Thoughts?
Let's go back over this, if you're going to use ARP studs or fasteners use their proprietary sealants and lubricants. This web site is rife with guys that pulled the threads right out of the castings doing otherwise.

Between the bolt head or nut when clamping down on aluminum there goes hardened, ground washer, this is not something you'll find at the home improvement center near you. This washer prevents the rotation forces of the bolt head or nut from digging into the aluminum which will happen without the washer reguardless of the lubricant used. The gouging of the aluminum not only damages the part but also provides a false torque reading. Plus the damage doesn't stop with the installation, the aluminum continues to plastically deform under the fastener from the clamping force among others allowing said fastener(s) to loosen over time. Some of the others are; the aluminum has a greater amount of expansion and contraction with changes in temperature than iron or steel so it is constantly working into the fastener when it heats up and falls loose when it cools, this takes chunks of aluminum out from under the fastener head as well. The hard, ground washer helps reduce this as well as the other functions it performs buy placing the fastener load over a wider support area.

Get on ARP's web site and study what they say, call 'em, what-ever; but follow their instructions not the crap you get from friends, the corner shop, or on the web, it'll save you basket load of trouble down the road.

Always remember the "cheap way out....leads back in!"

Vasolene, well you know what that's good for, use it there, not on fasteners.

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