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china's a whole didderent world..
over here, I wish they'd change things..
death sentance, should be just that, you get 5 years in jail to figure out a way to prove you didn't do it.. if not lights out..
also inmates that are serving multi sentances, that put them at living till 100+, you get five years, if not lights out too.
jails need to go back to bsing jails not, country clubs.. maybe if they were the bare min. it might change the mind of a thug, and them not wanting back.. today.. they get caught, no biggy, they get 3 hots and a cot,cable, a gym membership, schooling and healthcare all on the taxpayers dime..
there is no good reason it cost on av. 42000.oo to house one inmate.. there are a lot of american living on a lot less..
the purse shatching, that thug, sentance should start with a blanket party.. and then the lenth, be the same as the purses owners age.. screw them.. if they know they get caught taking grandma's purse and are cautgh they are going to get 50-80 years, it'll stop.......
child molesters, rape,etc these cases , I think everyone involved needs to take a polygragh.. something tells me more than a few claim "victom" to get on the gravytrain... if that person did do it.. straight to the needle, do not pass go.. to lie about being molested, you gonna do 50 years.. these crp of coming forward 30 years later, has got to stop also.. most times when the claimed is already passed,,
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