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Aspiring trimmer, introduction and a few questions

Ok so I'm John and I have a pipe dream of doing custom upholstery one day. I've wanted to do it since I was a kid and was discouraged from doing it as a teen by my folks. They didn't think there was a good living in it. They meant well but I wish I would have followed my dream and done it. So here I am almost 40 and I've decided I'm gonna give it all I got. The almost 40 part is why I say pipe dream. But all I can do is fail. I'm not quitting my day job or anything, I would like to start doing stuff on the side and see where it goes from there.

So I bought me a Juki 563 and I'm in the process of building a cutting table and turning my office into a workshop. I'll have to do really dirty work outside. I'm also taking an upholstery class here in Tulsa. It's just general upholstery but it's all that's available. I'm recovering my bench seat in my truck as my class project, more on that later. Ok so I have a few basic questions with plenty more to come and keep in mind, I had never even touched a sewing machine till I started my class. So.....
1. Does the bobbin thread have to be the same size as the needle thread (I think it does)
2. Does the bobbin thread have to be the same color as needle thread?
3. Does anyone know what the largest thread my Juki 563 is capable of sewing?
4. When sewing a seat cover together, can I use two different thicknesses of foam in the same cover? For instance, using 1/2 inch for the pleats and 1/4 inch for the other panels.
5. Someone on another forum told me not to glue my vinyl to sewfoam, to instead clip it on and sew it down. So..... To glue or not to glue?
6. When to use steam, if ever?
7. Do you do anything to your vinyl to make it more pliable, get wrinkles out and lay flat before you cut it?
8. How much vinyl will it take appox to cover a truck bench seat, that has the back of the seat covered as well?
9. Did I purchase a good machine with the 563
Ok that's it for now, but plenty more to come I look forward to the help thanks!
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