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Originally Posted by Project89 View Post
it is possible that im 1 year off on the tailights, i can dbl check that for u though.

the early cars are much harder to identify then say 86 and up by looking at them

the camaro emblems are really throwing me off though, as far as i know only base model and rs would have the camaro lettering in the inset on the rear bumper. and all others would say z28 or iroc on the passenger side ,
Mine says camaro (only on the pass side dash) and Z-28 on the bumper and rocker moldings...I'll get more familar with the RPO codes as I go just to be sure but theres a ton of them,I started writing them down on paper but half way through it was just takin to long. so I took a pic of the them insted but they didnt come out so well and are useless...Tomorrow I'll take the cover off and bring it home so I can check them...
What cars came with the louverd hood ? Z-28's and Iroc's I thought,but I know very little about these cars,66 -69's are more my thing.finished a big block 396 SS/RS a couple years ago and got a 68 RS all tore apart and on the dolly waiting for extra time,but these are all new to me.
Heck if a Z-28 aint worth much and nobody wants them I'll just strip it down for parts for my ole P/U like I originally planned,it' d be a shame though but I dont have any real money in it,500.00+ ,fuel pump (done three times) (what a pita)I'm no mechanic and it took 6hrs the first time and had to do it a second time because I went with a used one from a trucktank that was just layin around and quit workin after 3hrs... then got a cheapo that lasted a couple days ,cost 60-80.00 finally learned my lesson and got the best one, so far its holding up pretty wel..They say it's because of the ethonal that tears them up,I dont know but the last time I did the pump in 2hrs but now the gas gauge dont work so I gotta do it all again, and then a basic tune up ,cap, rotor ,plugs and wires...Another PITA because this cap has 4 bolts insted of the spring clips so I had to bring it back on the red one ... Black one too because I forgot to check it at the store...Oh well at least I'm getting pretty darn fast at those intank fuel pumps ,everyone says they are about the hardest to fix...Sawzall and a welder sure cuts the time down.
Ok,so heres a question for the pros...When it comes to the cap. rotor. wires and plugs what brands do I want to get if I just want something as good as OEM? I went with ac delco but I havent started installing anything so it not to late to exchange.
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