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Well scripted oldred!
I have heard that crap from my crew for years. Its "newfangled change" and some guys will fight it tooth, fang and claw. The other point I want to add to dispel the myths is the fact that all of the auto-darkening helmets have a shade 3 tint to them in the "off" position which will prevent any involuntary flash damage in the event that the lens does not come on.
We did a study about 15 years ago to find out a little more about welders and their eyes and the biggest culprit of "itchy, burning eyes" came from new operators or infrequent operators. The conclusion was the new strain put on eye nerves and muscles from the repetition of light to dark and focusing on a bright(er) light source in a dark (your helmet) surrounding. Think about working out any muscle mass. If you do 100 bicep curls once a month, the day after your arms will kill you! They never get accustomed to that type of work. This is a similar condition to the way your eyes will react and feel when watching TV for longer periods in a dark room or the feeling you get from oncoming traffic at night.
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