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Originally Posted by SuthnCustoms View Post
If you got weld flash from that hood,then it was clearly as cheap as you can get...
This is why i always go with a top brand name..Jackson,Speedglas,Lincoln,Miller,Arcone,Optr el...etc..they do have a lower budget end hood to compete with the chinese junk...

Buyin the cheapo's never garauntee you they are ANSI Z87.1 standard..,,,i'd NEVER trust them no matter what they say,the places they are made are lowest quality and standards you can get.....
Weld hoods have 3 layers of protection..outside and inside clear cover lens..and the auto or standard filter only takes ONE of them to totaly prevent any kind of weld flash as long is it IS truely a ANSI was told before in this thread,ANSI Z87.1 means it will block 99.9% of UV and IR light in the clear lens..and 100% in the dark lens are the dark lens at all times..

It doesnt matter if its the standard type or auto filter,if it isn't up to standard then it'll hurt you.........

I started as an International Ironworker in 1978..back in the 70's and 80's it was common for anyone to get a weld flash,from minor to severe enough to have to take a day off was pretty common to be at work and have a slight weld flash and sort of be on light duty away from the welding and bright sunlight..
But that has all changed 100% since we have been reuqired to wear ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses no matter where you are on the the glasses take care of it alone..and then the 3 more you have in the sheild..if you get flash at all..something is totaly wrong or your fault for not using up to par equipment such as at the minimum good quality safety glasses...and you can buy a pair of quality glasses for 3.00 or even less..check out Crews and Uvex quality and cheap............

In all honesty..i've yet to have weld flash in the past 10 years or more since i went totaly auto lens in all my the moment i am still using my Jackson NexGen and Speedglas 100V..all my old standard lens hoods have been collecting dust and spider webs in the can actualy prevent less of a weld flash with an auto because you never worry about holding your gun or rod close to the work before flipping the hood down and a good possibility of arc flashing your self before you start....and it makes for better quality arc strikes everywhere and you always get a good start where you need it.........

I used to be the one who always asked the guys in the 90's when they came to the job with an auto and ask them"that purty fancy thing weld for you too"?

Little did i know at the time..the advantage those guys had over my old heavy Fibermetals and easily scratched glass lens................

I'll add one more thing incase it hasn't been covered..but it probaly won't pertain to guys in a garage welding by theirself...if you have people welding around you while you are welding and have no good safety glasses on under the can EASILY get a bad weld flash from the other people's reflection off the inside of your weld lens....the UV and IR rays reflects ....thats how i got the worse weld flash of my life..welding Nelson studs on the deck while everyone around me was also welding them down..i had an old Jackson standard big lens hood...i couldn;t do anything or even leave the house for 3 days..couldn;t even look a the TV without hurting.......
That was the best advice given in this thread

It is not how fast it turns dark or how dark it is, it is the UV filter that does the work to protect against arc flash.
Working with other welders near by or working inside a vessel will let a lot of UV attack you from your back.
Wearing a good pair of wrap around safety glasses under your hood will save you those pains.
I have fitted for welders for 16 hr shifts 5 days a week and never had arc flash just by wearing safety glasses.
btw, I have a Hobart "the Hood", works like the day it was new - never had a problem with it yet.
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