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Originally Posted by 427v8 View Post
If you got fired for a work related injury, get a lawyer and sue their *****!

they can't do that
it doesn't work that way so easy anymore.........

They know their legal ways of doing so and you can;t touch them....

If you have a job related injury and need time off,especialy if its a bad'll need to file a claim with workmen's comp....and it takes weeks if not months to start getting the checks..especialy if the employer disputes the claim...
If they dispute it..about the ONLY way to win it,is if someone in the company is willing to lose their job and be your witness...good luck on that..and even that could easily beaten..those high paid lawyers know how to make a liar out of the most honest people in the world...

The companies best little trick is to call you once you are home from the hospital or just while off because you can;t work..and they say"hey buddy,we really like you and your work,so we'll help youi out and you just come to work in the office and we'll pay you your regular paycheck,you don;t even have to do anything!,just sit here and shoot the crap with me buddy ole pal!"....
Most fall for it..but the catch is..once you've worked a few days in the office,you have no leg to stand on because those paychecks proved you are capable of a job and working........
Once that's get a pink slip with a seperation notice with a lil checkmark beside the "Reduction Of Force"..or worse yet..their lawyer will come up some reason YOU are at fault for the injury and not the company..and you'll get FIRED............
No company has to have ANY legal reason to have a reduction of other words..a 1 man layoff..the only law they have to go by is..they can;t hire new workers for a few weeks..and then they hire whoever and how many they want.....

so..if you ever get hurt real bad and it did some real damage that may effect you the rest of your BETTER have a good reason that it was not even remotley your fault..such as personal safety reasons,using your own faulty Personal Protective Equipment....etc

It's very RARE anymore for someone to win a big battle against companies anymore,too many new laws and escape routes...NEVER trust a company when you get injured on the job,they'll lie thru their teeth to make you look bad and get away having to pay you for thier screw ups...
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