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Siggy_Freud 01-03-2004 02:32 PM

Autozone bashing and introductions
Hey all I am new to this forum (this being my first post actually). I am almost 19 living in the Northwest. I have noticed in quite a few posts people bashing Autozone employees (some with quite amount of humor) saying all they are is minimum wage keypushers. Well I am an Autozone employee and I just wanted you all to know that we all aren't like that and that hope exists. Granted I am only 19 I still believe my knowledge of vehicles in fairly expansive (as well as being translating spanish at work). I am finding more and more however (not just with Autozone but with many other chain automotive stores) that knowledgeable service is moving aside to those with register experience. I find that the automotive parts industry is trying to "fast food" their companies going for speed rather than accuracy.

Anyways I thought I'd just bring up that point and introduce myself.

Im sure you'll be hearing more from me soon.

Regards everyone and glad to be here.:cool:

poncho62 01-03-2004 02:34 PM

Up here in Canada, we make fun of Canadian Tire employees............

By the way....welcome.

malc 01-03-2004 02:46 PM

I tried to order a radiator from Autozone but their policy is not to export. I was advised to keep checking back in case the situation changed.Where´s the problem to ship overseas? I pay the shipping and import tax. Too lazy to call UPS.

Don´t take this personal, I´m a bit jumpy tonight.

paperairplane 01-03-2004 02:52 PM

greetings - I don't think the intention was to label all employees, but there is a trend that is worth note

There are 2 old guys at my national parts chain (rhymes with advanced bought-o) - 1 is really good with old pontiac parts and is a big help, except he has no idea how to run the register - I have honestly sat there for over 15 mins while he tried to figure how to return a part for me that I didn't need - nice guy, but it is sooo frustrating to me to just stand there, I want to reach over the register and help the guy out ---- then there's the other old guy who neither knows how to run the register, nor does he know anything about cars.

the other national chain ( rhymes with crapa) is ok on register knowledge and fair for parts, but tends to be more expensive

the other other national chain (rhymes with splotto zone) is pretty good, if I know the part for them to look up they can usually find it, and they are good with the operation of the register

overall, I would rather buy from a store locally, but most of the employees and prices make me spend a lot of time looking at jegs, summitt, jc whitney, etc catalogs

hmmmm.... I felt like there was some point I was making, oh well

Siggy_Freud 01-03-2004 02:56 PM

In my experience I find that many of the older generation workers (who tend to have more Automotive knowledge) are slower when it comes to returns and whatnot. We have Baxters autoparts up here and at their store they have someone who soley does returns and register and while its less personal, it does tend to quicken things.

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