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Larry3 04-10-2006 09:55 PM

Be aware of Low Cost, Low Quality Aluminum Heads
:mad: Hey Guys and Gals,
I am a victim of the "Get a Bargain" mentality and I am ashamed and embarassed. (bare assed). I have, through hard experience discovered that saving a couple or three hundred isn't the way to go. I bought aluminum heads from "Superflow heads made in Australia" and in the three weeks it took for them to get here, discovered that they were probably Pro Topline or Pro Comp Electronics or HI Flow. They were shipped from a Pro Comp Electronics address in CA. I ordered them from Hot Rods USA/Hotrod Heaven. While on that website trying to find out how to return them, I scrolled to the very bottom, and found in very faint print all the names I have mentioned above. They are on Ebay and the internet. The first set did not match each other, one needed taper seat plugs ( small block chevy) the other needed 3/4" reach gasketed plugs. After some debate with Dean Oshiro, he sent another set. These were also not right. One head could take standard Chevy taper seat plugs and the taper was all wrong, as a little machinist's blue on the plug taper proved. The other head needed gasketed plugs of 1/2" reach. I worked for O'reilly Auto Parts for 6 years and never heard of such a plug. The plugs they recommended C57C protruded into the chamber by 3/8"
I went to my nearby O'reillys (still friends with the guys and gals) and spent over 2 hours going thru the Champ, Autolite,Delco and NGK paper catalogs and nothing will fit that except LAWNMOWER plugs!!! Whats wrong with this picture! Anyway, after 1and 1/2 months I have sent them back for a refund. Don't do as I do, do as I say. :spank:
I am going for Brodix, they are 50 miles from me!
If you want more negative Info, message me..
Still Mad in Arkansas, Larry3

DoubleVision 04-10-2006 10:59 PM

friend and I were looking at these heads, so as always, we did our homework. we did a web search on them and didn`t find any good reviews, also these heads are really made in china. I don`t think there pro topline, as RHS / Comp cams bought out the pro top line company.

Larry3 04-11-2006 09:04 PM

More Negative Cheap Aluminum Heads Info
:rolleyes: Yeah Doublevision,
As I said, Contact me for more negative Info. I did stumble on an article about knockoffs from China and these heads (Pro Comp Electronics) were mentioned by name. The article also mentioned many other hotrod parts,from China that were illustrated and labeled in deceptive ways. There are a lot of greedy Bastidges out there who just don't care, and will rip you (or me) off. The thing that really concerns me is; we are losing our capability to produce in an industrial way because we are buying from other countries. Go to ANY department or shoe store and ask for shoes made in USA. I have done this and I get a blank look, then ask for the manager and get another blank look! China has stated clearly that they will remove us from the planet, and we are funding their efforts!
Well, I ramble, Sorry :rolleyes: I just want to sound an alarm to avoid my mistake which has caused a lot of frustration.

Unknown Poster 04-11-2006 10:16 PM

I am very glad to see that others are finding the same negative things out about Pro-Comp as I already have.

NOlowrider 04-12-2006 06:10 AM

Thanks Larry for sharing your expierence. I really hope that you get everything squared away. I have bought a few "knock offs" and luckily I have had good luck, but I am sure my day in comming. Appreciate you informing us, that is why this site is so important. :thumbup:

KULTULZ 04-12-2006 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by Larry3

There are a lot of greedy Bastidges out there who just don't care, and will rip you (or me) off.

You were looking for a bargain, you found a bargain. Quality Parts equate Quality Money.

No need to worry about the CHI-COMS. They need our money to pay Americans for stolen military secrets. Either the Arabs or illegal Hispanics will get to us first across open borders... :rolleyes:

machine shop tom 04-12-2006 07:56 AM

I am following this thread with interest because I have a set of Engine-Pro aluminum heads in my shop right now. I believe they are the same as the ones that Larry3 is talking about. I'll check them out and let you guys know what I find (when I get a little time :confused: )


Unknown Poster 04-12-2006 10:31 AM

Look very closely at the valve seat areas, I have seen 4 heads sold by a friend that is a machinist, drop the seats right out of them, both intake and exhaust. No, the heads weren't ported or modified, they were right out of the box new and all 4 heads went less than a thousand miles before disaster hit.

And, the other areas mentioned in this topic as well.

Pro-Comp seems to be a company just bent on knocking off other's parts, for profit only. That is just what they appear to be. I agree, the bitterness of poor quality long remains after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten. The main issue(s) with Pro-Comp seem to be that they exude that their parts are the greatest thing since holes in donuts, when they clearly aren't.

machine shop tom 04-12-2006 04:41 PM

I checked out one of the heads I have here. The Engine Pro part# is PFS191202-2A. The part# is a tag that is suprimposed over another part# tag that reads (in part)C3002S>

The heads don't look bad. The valve job itself is among the best I have seen on aftermarket heads. The head I checked is warped .012", not unlike other aftermarket heads I have seen. The spark plug holes are washer-seat, with a 7/16" reach. They are unported, need bowl and port matching and clean-up.

That's all I have on them.


ztoy 04-12-2006 06:36 PM

What timing on this topic! Sorry to hear about your situation Larry3. I did a ton of checking looking for a steal of a price on a set of al heads. Saw those super flows from the same site, but they were supposed to come from Australia which raised some flags. I remembered some cheap imitaion aluminum parts coming from there a couple of years bak, so decided to steer clear. Glad I did now.

Ever notice how many of these 'new' cheap priced al heads have 'Pro' attached to their name? Makes a guy wonder when you then hear some of the names associatedwith the name, and ending up with a crappy result after tons of additional work to make them work right. I know just because they have 'Pro' attached to the name really doesn't tie them together, but when most seem like junk?, hmmmm.

I ended up buying a set of Brodix RR200's and they should be here next week. Bought them from out of Mendenhall, Ms. Got a great price on them, some Corteco head gaskets and Felpro intake gaskets. Hopefully they are 'bolt on ready' like they are supposed to be.

One thing I was told by a few different people and I cannot verify it, so take it with a grain of salt. Most al head castings are made in China with the name brands being machined and built here. I hope someone can prove that wrong because, like someone said earlier, we need to keep our manufacturing wizardry here and not overseas.

Please, prove this wrong, someone.........

Larry3 04-12-2006 07:33 PM

Aluminum Heads from USA
Hey Guys,
Appreciate all the response and feedback to my little tirade!
I do know about Brodix...I have been in their building, they do their own casting (its a foundry) and machine work.They also have at least one Dyno (1993). My mistake was not looking at their street/strip heads, and the prices of the racing heads $1500--2000+ was more than I was willing to pay. The IK180 & IK200 series are $1000--1400 depending on options chosen. If I had spent that 2-300 more, I would already be through with all my head work!
Anyway, thanks again for all the feedback and Info. :thumbup:

HOGDADDY 04-12-2006 09:24 PM

Its bad enough that there taking our jobs from us but I'll be damned if I'll buy that junk and put it on my chevy. Everyone who uses that communist China crap will surely pay dearly in the end plus you'll have to go get an American made part to fix it. :smash:

ztoy 04-13-2006 07:38 AM

I was told, by the brodix dealer that the 'IK' heads cannot be ported out, they are the way they are, no room for opening them up. Thats why they are as cheap as they are. The 'RR's' have more meat, cost a bit more, but can be opened up with porting.

Thanks Larry3 for the info on the Brodix being totally made here in the good ol US of A. :thumbup:

Unknown Poster 04-13-2006 11:50 AM

It's no small coincidence that Pro-Comp is named that. Peter, a Czeckoslovakian whom livesd in Australia, whom also owns Sydney Speed and Marine, in Sydney, also owns Pro-Comp. I understand from a few Austrailian and new Zealander people I know, Sydney Speed and Peter are to be avoided, so same with Pro-Comp.

His main reasoning with naming his knockoff businesses Pro-Comp, was with product name association. Pro- is used in both Pro-Comp...and...Pro-Form. If yoiu were looking for an item made by a company you only knew started with the word "Pro", you'd have a 50/50 cjance to hit either one. So...this gave Peter a 50 percent chance of getting people looking for much better Pro-form products to his less than good parts.

I was approaced by him, personally, to handle and use his parts, and I declined. I had heard of many unhappy experiences/dealings with both him personally, and his parts, from other hot rod builders I know in the industry. I had also seen some of this parts, and came away with less than a confident feeling about them.

I understand Peter will make a dealer out of just about anyone, just ask him and, bango, you are an instant dealer. So much for protected sellers. I think this is the reason we see so many Pro-Comp new products for sale on E-bay, just too many sellers who are getting the message, the parts are not what they are advertized to be, and anybody and everybody are dealers.

From what I am told, with Peter, it is all about two facts, putting other manufactureres out of business if possible, by flooding the market with low cost, poor quality knockoffs, and the bottom line profit margin.

ztoy 04-13-2006 12:13 PM

sounds like the Walmart mentality :mad:

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