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moontanker 08-10-2009 03:25 PM

Back to the past and drive inns
Couple years back I was driving one of my 66 Impalas and I thought I would cruise on up to my old stompin grounds,Harrisburg,Lebanon .Hershey.Near Posi,Dropped in to say Hi and checked out the Nsra Nats in york and saw a car show next day at a drive in we would hit on the weekends off 422,called the Dixie.Well It was closing that day and the guys from the radio station begged me to go on the air.I didnt but I saw my old girlfriend there and she hadnt changed a bit.It was 40 years since I had seen her .I wonder if any of you guys travel back in time and run into old hot rodders from childhood like I often do or is it just my extra good Karma that brings back these floods of good memories,back when a tank full of gas and the rod was running great,and the girl you cared about kept her hand on your knee.OOOOps shouldnt have said that.Odd thing was she cried when she saw me.Maybe it was the fact back then my 50 chevvy ragtop was the same color sierra gold that my 66 was.I'm sureI didnt look the same :cool: :cool:

wretched ratchet 08-10-2009 04:23 PM

Last year my old High School had a Multi-Class Reunion and my old Classmate and Grocery Sacking Partner from the 50's brought his '57 and I took my '55. We hung out and cruised around most of the day and that night, after the Reunion, we Cruised the Main Drag and the Sonic Drive-In. There were mostly Cowboy Cadillacs and Ricers at the Sonic but they ALL came over to STS and look at our Rides. It was a good night :cool:

moontanker 08-10-2009 05:15 PM

Sounds Wonderful
I have up until the last couple of years kept touch with even grade schoolers .Amazing. :cool: :cool:

wretched ratchet 08-10-2009 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by moontanker
I have up until the last couple of years kept touch with even grade schoolers .Amazing. :cool: :cool:

you betcha, most people nowadays don't bother and that is sad - - - - we had our 50th Class Reunion for the Class of '59 in May and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Had myself and ball :D

poncho62 08-13-2009 05:59 AM

Ran into a guy I went to grade school with the other day......I needed a window fixed and he owns the glass company.....I recognized the name and asked him if he was that person and he was.....he moved here in grade 7...I moved here 2 years ago.....We reminisced a bit about old times....makes you feel old

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