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fstrthnu 08-29-2006 02:57 PM

Bad paint shop
My wife and I recently just bought a charger srt8 and my wife pulled up to a concrete parking stop thing and the front end got caught and almost ripped off. Yes that sucked!!! My problem is that we took it to a body shop here in Orlando, Fl called the Bump shop, which is next door to the dodge dealer, and the guy said he could fix the car no problem. The guy told my wife that this happens all the time to these cars so I he knew what he was talking about. When she picked the car up and came home I noticed there were tiny dimples or bubbles all over the car. There was overspray and even small black specs in the paint. Hell even the hemi logo was six inches higher on the pass. side than the drivers side. This is a silver car and it doesnt show everything and for the most part you really have to be in the right light to see this stuff. My wife just picked the car up today after having him fix everything and you can still see dimples in the paint. It is not as bad but some are still there. My question for you guys is if you get a car repainted are supposed to have no imperfections or some imperfections or what. The guy told my wife that is the best we can do and walked away. I will see the car in a couple of hours to see actually how bad before I raise hell wiyh the guy. sorry so long.

OneMoreTime 08-29-2006 03:39 PM

Wel my take is that there may be some imperfections in a repair..However they should not be noticable unless one is up close with a magnifying glass or something..

Factory paint is not all that good on some of these cars so good shops try and get a blend to any repair so it does not look "repaired"

Getting the decals and stripes back on correctly can sometimes be a bit of a PITA but can be done..

If you ever wonder why it sometimes takes some time to get a car back this is why as the painter or repairman had to take some time to "get it right"

The good shops know that their best advertising is the work they deliver


steve t 08-29-2006 03:49 PM

when i got my car painted,i said no runs please, the painter said he would keep the runs in the can, i had 4 runs,but he did fix them, looks good now

kenseth17 08-29-2006 03:54 PM

Is this an insurance job, or did you pay out of your pocket. You might want to call your insurance company and see if they will help you at all to get the thing fixed correctly. Tell them you are not happy with the repairs. Sounds to me like the shop buffed, but it really needs repainting to get rid of the imperfections in the paint. If this is solvent pop or fisheyes, its very likely that buffing won't be able to take care of it, only repainting. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so if you want to get them to fix, continue to call and complain till they are tired of hearing from you. Its really hard not to get any imperfections, but I would complain if there were bubbles or blisters all over the paint. Other then that, you will probably need to take it to court if they still won't fix. In insurance reapairs, cars are suppose to be brought back to preaccident condition. If there weren't a bunch of bubbles in the paint before the damage, there shouldn't be after. I got some solvent pop in the hood of my last paint job, something I haven't got in a long time. Buffing won't take it out. I am out of clear, but will be repainting the hood in the future to take care of it. Not that I really want to repaint and have to spend money on more material, but I won't let something like that go. If they are care anything about there reputation, they should fix the paint. Bad word of mouth travels quicker then good will.

fstrthnu 08-29-2006 09:26 PM

well, i saw the car when she got home and some of it came out but there is still quite abit in there. Now there is a scratch on the fender. The worse thing about this is the part they painted looks lighter than the rest of the car. This is a silver metallic could that be what is the problem is or did the just mix it wrong? this accident happened at her work so her boss was nice enough to take care of it because the rebar in the concrete was not pounded down enough and that is what caught on the car. thanks for the replies

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