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[QUOTE]Originally posted by MARTINSR
[B]Barry, I believe everything you say, but it does fly in the face of what I was taught. A couple of things don't add up.
First off, why do all the major manufactures still have etch primer as the base for their life time warranties (at least the last time I looked)? They are putting HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars on those warranties. They do the same salt tests, why in the world would they do that?
************************************************** **It $$$! That why they all make lacquer primer, and whats the liability on their part? Remember PPG, Dupont and S&W make automotive paint around one person. The chevy dealership.
What do these dealers do other than spend a lot of money. Most of the jobs are a fender or door, and the car may be owned by the same person for 2-3 years. NO RISK. Plain add-on profit!

I used to have OEM requirements for repairs on their vehicles to maintain the OEM warranties. I don't remember all of them, but many had a requirement of etch primers. Getting your paint system OKed by the auto manufacture is no easy task as you may have found out.
Who writes these requirements? The paint company's!, I wrote the oil requirements when I was with the oil company.
Getting your paint approved is a joke. $250,000-500,000 a year just for testing. NONE of the approved systems are the same as in the shop! It would never pass! First the base has to use an activator or you never will get through the test.
This is a big scam! How many systems does PPG have? dbc, dbu.ETC>> The reactive reducer base would never make the test, the get one line passed but you don't know that that!
All you know is PPG is approved.
************************************************** *88

They REALLY test and retest these products (or do they just
How are these products salt spray tested? Did they have protection over them? In other words where the primers top coated with a urethane SS or something like that? Where the etches top coated with a urethane primer and then urethane SS or similar?
************************************************** **
No each product is tested by itself, if you put epoxy over acid the hours will go from say 60 hours to 50-60% of the hours of the epoxy.
So say the epoxy is a 600 hour epoxy by itself than the etch under it would test at 300-450 hours.
This is under the creeping test.

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