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Originally posted by MARTINSR
I am with you on the warranties, that is real easy to believe. They are working on the odds, plain and simple.

The test of the etch under the epoxy says a lot. But how in the world could you say a salt spray test on bare anything is a subjective test? Bare etch primer? It isn't meant or recommended to be used that way. It is like testing paint applied to a block of ice, when it fails you can't say the paint is of poor quality.
************************************************** *** Really it says a lot, if you live in Michigan on salt roads and you get a chip, how big and fast will it spread?
Epoxy or acid etch has two jobs, adhesion and the SPREADING of rust. Thats why the salt spray tests.
************************************************** *

Have you done tests with these products applied as recommended with paint over them to protect it?
************************************************** *
Yes, i get totally stupid on these tests, its a riot and full if information that no one want published!
I will take different base coats and use other clears over them and see what holds up better. Just took a major company base and used their $300 a gallon clear and also used their base with Duponts 7800 glamor clear. On the stone chip test it was a 60% improvement mixing systems! Oh! you can;t do that! I forgot!
When I used a HS poly clear it improved 97%!
This same company that I used the base from is a euro company with high prices but quality not great, so I did a test with scuff a factory job and went to base and on other half of fender scuff base and applied epoxy before using there base and clear. Their base clear had a 84% fail rate on the chip test and with epoxy had a 17% fail rate!
To answer your question, the testing of acid etch with their system, not to mention any names as to company but yes, I did without the epoxy over it. I applied their 2K sealer before base and it hit somewhere between 120 and 150 hour mark, its been a couple of years and just can't remember the exact hour time.
What helped is I did use their best clear at the time and thats what I always do to give them benefit of doubt.

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