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Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
Something I've done on more than one occation when I'm rushing is add the wrong ingrediant to something I'm mixing if my bench gets clutterd and I grab a can of something thats in the wrong spot.
The FIRST thing I start thinking about if theres a problem is what did "I" do wrong because in all the years I've been at this I cant think of one time it was one of the products being at fault it was always me. after you've mixed thousands of gal you start doing it without thinking and thats where you run into trouble. A clutterd up paint bench is my biggest reason for trouble ,I have to keep everything up on the shelf and only what I need on the bench,so when basing theres the base and the reducer on the bench ,thats it ,when I start the clear everything goes back up on the shelf and only the clear ,hardener and reducer is on the bench. being a bit of an air head can be a problem but you can learn to get around it.
99% of the time it'll be human error thats the culprit,in my case anyways...
When you are making calls on shops all day long, shops all over the place, I use to cover a territory hundreds of miles from one end to the other, you see stuff everyday. In the five years that I was a rep I saw ONE out and out product "failure" and it wasn't even a failure per-se it was a black toner that had some metallic in it! But honestly, products don't "fail", they just don't. There is such a high degree of checks before they are put into production and there are such close safe guards to ensure they are produced correctly it just doesn't happen. All those failures I got calls on, there was always a user error. Now, that isn't to say that it wasn't a temperamental SOB that SHOULDN'T have gave the guy a hard time. Where as some other product would have worked fine even with the errors, but it was still the errors that caused the problem non the less.

The main thing is that we learn something. I tried to teach and to explain the problem to the painter or shop so as to help him understand how he can avoid it from happening again. I felt that it was my job to explain it so he could understand instead of thinking it was the product that failed and then he would know not to do the same thing again.

That isn't always easy but I think most of the guys I worked with understood it. I had a number of them with the big AHH HAH look on their face when it hit them. No one wants to be told they are wrong, but to LEARN something is the most important part and even the guys who were hard to accept it eventually did and went on to be better painters.

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