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ok thank you guys for the fast reply. I'll start off by telling you that I used Sherwin Williams 2K Urethane Primer Buff (Beige colored). This primer also acts as a sealer. I used one light coat, followed by 2 medium wet coats. I let the primer flash 15 minutes between coats (as the directions stated). After allowing the primer to dry for 8 hours I wetsanded it with 400. I then wetsanded it with 600 and let it set overnight. I mixed 1 part of basecoat with 1 part of basecoat stabilizer (as the directions stated). I made sure to use a mixing cup to get the mix EXACT. I just bought a HVLP gravity feed paint gun and I've been reading all over the net trying to find out how to adjust it. I'm using 60 PSI coming from the compressor and 38 PSI at the regulator on the gun (approx 9 PSI at the cap I think). I closed the air volume control knob on the bottom of the gun all the way, pulled the trigger, and opened it until the air sounded consistant. I then opened the fluid control knob halfway and adjusted the fan to approx 6 inches oval. Finally I closed the fluid control knob until the trigger would not shoot paint. I opened it one full turn and half of another one and slightly adjusted it until it seemed enough paint was coming out for the speed I would be moving the gun over the surface. hmmm...also I am using Sherwin Williams basecoat (when I mixed the paint I worked at a parts store and actually I didn't have to mix was a Sherwin Williams #U7025 High Solids Basecoat Black, but that's what it called for on the microfiche) I checked at a NAPA, who deals in Martin Seneor which is supposed to be the same thing as Sherwin Williams, and they said their mix called for approx 3500 grams of black, aprox 50 of white and approx 90 of yellow. On the back of each can of intermix color it said not to use alone, that it was meant to be mixed with other colors, but I don't know if that would have anything to do with it. Hmmm...does that help?? lol Thanks everybody for taking the time to look at this. OH I also wanted to clarify that what I meant was that the paint isn't smoothe. It has a slight texture to it kinda like overspray. If I slow the gun down a little bit the paint orange peels. I tried more fluid with my original speed and got the same results. I just can't seem to get it down ?

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