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Originally Posted by vinniekq2 View Post
could be timing(not enough) accelerator pump or pump cam.or combination of all.
start with a little more initial timing,check float leavel.advance pump cam.

you did not mention if the car surged when at a steady cruise speed,this could be lean. Ive never had any problems with a 650 DP
Oh it surges like a mad man when under 2k rpm, if by surging you mean the car shacking front to back rapidly. I'm getting 4.11 in the rear this month so hopefully that will help the surging some.

My initial is over 20. I have one light and one medium spring in the dizzy with the smallest mechanical advance put it atm so it hits 36 exactly when all in at 3kish.

I'm also getting a wide band o2 sensor this month, can't wait for that! heh. So, you're saying that stuttering is a lean condition?
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