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Originally Posted by cobalt327 View Post
What is the OD ratio (or tranny type), and what is the rear gear ratio? But if it's a manual, I'd imagine you know how to drive it to not cause the engine to lug- in other words, keeping the rpm high enough (low enough gear) that the engine stays in the power band.
Yea, I can keep it in a lower gear to keep the rpms high enough to not lug so bad. It's just annoying as hell, especially without a full muffler, lol.

As for the tranny its a world class T5 apparently, with these numbers...

(R)2.76 - (1st)2.95 - (2nd)1.94 - (3rd)1.34 - (4th)1.00 - (5th OD)0.63

And my rear is supposed to be 2.73 based off of the car, but when doing some testing with different speeds and the corresponding rpms, then plugging those numbers into different online "Engine RPM Calculators", the numbers only ever worked if I typed in that my rear was 3.73 so now I'm not sure.
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