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i also do potography.

i would also like to add somethign here for you

you always see the lil star effects on cars in mag. ads. this is done with a cheap filter called a cross cut filter you can get themin several points IE 6pt will have 6 points in the filter and so .

the thing is dont over due it. I will shoot a roll with and a roll with out then use some from each roll.

I never take the poloriser off my camera for anything but cleaning

I am shooting Digital with a 10 D Canon camera and a light kit but you can do alot with a point and shoot camera big things to remeber is this

watch the back ground,
watch out for what might come in to the photo i had one one time (before photo shop was the norm) of a really nice car and in the pass. side window of this car was a bird that flew threw the shot as i took it. made the bird look like it was inside of the car.

Watch your lighting. when you set up your lights know what your going to be shooting like the dash for exampel. look at the dash in several angels so tha tyou can see all of the gugage lenses etc. see if you can see your lights in teh reflection if you can MOVE THEM!! if you can see it the cmer will also.

another thing to remeber is a camer dont see dementions it sees every thing flat so if you want to add the thrill of demention then you have to look at it in two dementions to see what the camera will see. then change it to get the effect you want .

also dont get to far away from the car, dont be afraid to get close to it and at the same ime fill the frame.

als you can still get the flims you had mention above from a camera shop in your local area ut remeber the higher the number it willgather more light but also add grain and that will cuse the finish product to look worse with to much.
a good film for out side is the lowest number you can find and are comfortabel working with. the throw away cameras are not a good choice here. I shoot all the tiem out side with a100 asa film and normally will use Kodak gold. for B&W film i use Illford delta film and i will use 100 or less asa.

use a tri pod on all your photos and use a cael release to make sure you dont shake it. if your camera has a miorro lock up this is the tiem to use it.

but most of all go out with the idea of what your goign to do and want to see
then TAKE YOU TIME do not rush this.

someof us that do this allot will run around acar and shoot 300 photos in 5 min. this is nto always the best thing to do. some thingk well it is digital so who cares i can always shoot more. but rember you will ever have the light exactly the same as you do now. unless you controlled the lights and dont move them untill you are done and proofed .

also get nthe ssmae level is one of the best things someoen said here. this also works great with kids fo rgrand kids or your kids.
most of all have fun with it and take the shots.
If you have a women in the photo make sure you dont cut off her head LOL
and watch shine on her and the car to.
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