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Hey my87Z,
Originally Posted by my87Z
the 3rd gen 82-92 camaro's are roughly about 3350-3550, depending on what model and motor cam in the car, i have an 87' z28 that i have redone for street/strip that weighs just less than 3700lbs (with my 250lb butt in it) so that should give you a better idea of how much your car weighs, gutting the interior will net you about 200-300lbs
This one is an '84 Z28. I believe the T-Top models weight more due to extra reinforcement.

Originally Posted by my87Z
the major issue with these cars (trust me i found out) is their 7.5 rearend, they aren't made to handle much of any power, you can put stronger axles, and a stronger carrier in them (i did) and you will still blow them with around 350-400tq. i didn't have my motor in my car 2 weeks when i hit about half throtle from a stop sign, with M/T drag radials and my ring gear cracked, which ended up causing all kinds of damage in side by the time i had the car off the road in a parking lot. after pulling the pan i had gear oil and metal soup in there. (of coarse my motor makes almost 500tq) but i learned my lesson and bought a complete 33 spline 12 bolt from moser (32-3300 to my door $$$)
Completely forgot about the dreaded rearend . I still need to check and see if it is the stock one (got the car a couple years and haven't touched it since). $3300 is way out of the price range for now. This may just send me back to drawing board.


Hey cal1320,
Originally Posted by cal1320
My 781 heads were on a 454 from a 76 suburban.
That should get me started in the right direction.

Originally Posted by cal1320
TH350 held up well also. The 7.5 axle has to go. You can take it out now or wait and break it on the first night out. I would still run the torque arm though. Build mounts off a 9'' or 12 bolt or Dana rear. Get the front mount off the trans.(You will only break trans mounts like this) and attach it to the trans x member. Dont screw up the pinion angle. BTW, for those with a more streetable car you can use the tailshaft from a vega to attach the torque arm to a TH350. They were torque arm also.
Good to have a recommendation on the TH-350. Thats two votes to ouster the 7.5" rearend. Thats good info on the mounts and torque arm. Glad you brought 'em up.

Originally Posted by cal1320
Not a lot of room for tires in stock wheel wells. 275/60 DOT or 26 x10 slicks.
I don't remeber the tire size on the slicks on hand. I don't think the car is tubed.

Originally Posted by cal1320
3.89 gear is decent.
4.11 would be ideal?

Not to go completely off-topic with this post, but, and I know what I'm about to bring up is nothing more than a temporary fix, at least behind the 454, how about a 4th gen rearend swap? I do have a rearend from a '95 Firebird, an Eaton posi, 4.10 gears and Strange axles. With some minor strength fixes, I imagine this setup would be fine behind a mild 350 with a TH350 setup, if not a big block. Any thoughts?
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