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Originally Posted by hcompton View Post
Not with those cubes guys running more are pushing there motors harder than the rest. But hey thats racing.

World of product has a an after market block and heads that is a good place to start. 575 cubes will make the 1800 2000 mark but not at a low rpm or boost levels alky is good. It will run cool and not be crazy about knocking so boost can be raised up.

Everything will need to be spot on to even come close. The first thousand is almost easy to get with the right parts but the next 500 is hard to get and the full 2000 plus will be stright cubic dollars. 10.5 outlaw cars run 1500 2000 hp but there engines are bleeding edge usally. Also it is sometimes cheaper to run big turbos since the cost of a super charger capible of pushing 2000 hp is big bucks. But the truck guys usally like staight blown engines. For quick throttle snap.

You can get 1500 hp out of a mild warmed over ls motor and big turbos but it will not last long in a big truck. Truck will have as much drive line pressure as full slicked race car. If not twice as much. So weak engine that is holding together with hope will not cut it they will explode in the first five minutes you own it.

You willl need to find a top notch engine builder that is into the sport and is able to take on another customer. Because you two will be married after the build is complete. You will also want to build a 15k to 20k motor if your not tight arsed you will be building a 30k 40k engine. With the same power. And if you dont get a great engine builder that is already in the sport you will be paying that cash twice.

Do you already have a 1500 hp engine? That will be way more than you can use on your first year of the truck being built. It will take that long to get the issues resolved under the truck. Motor will be the least of your problems. They dont make and axel or drive shaft that can survive in a monster truck. They only make ones that dont explode the first time you floor it. Second time your on your own.
Hey thanks for the outstanding advice. No I do not have a truck as of yet, in progress though. It's more just a "wouldn't it be cool to have" kinda thing. 1600 would be plenty and would last a long time. I do not have a 1600 hp Motor right now though, only 1200 (468ci 8-71 forged and AFRs on gas and some spray). I thought the axles ad drivetrain could take the power? It's just the hard landings they can't handle?
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