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Originally Posted by oldbogie View Post
I mostly just use Evans waterless any more, it makes the problems of chemical reactions inside the cooling system, corrosion of the parts, worrying about nucleate boiling and such concerns just go away. The peace of mind is more than worth the extra money.
and compared to water, how effective is it as a COOLANT?

I won't argue that you've had luck with waterless coolant, but your approach has to be the most bassackwards approach to coolant selection I have ever heard of, most people seek good heat transfer first and then worry about corrosion and localized boiling.

Your approach is much more stable, not denying that, but its also a MUCH less effective coolant.

As for the water- I always use tap water, either from city supply or a well- and never had any problems. I see people going out of there way to buy distilled water and I just shake my head and laugh, then again I worked in water supply for a few years and still do a lot of work with water and pumping and know how silly worrying about the insignificant difference between tap and distilled water is for this application.

FWIW, almost all commercial and industrial cooling towers/supplies use plain old tap water that is often stored in ponds or exposed towers.

BTW, fluoride and chlorine are in the 2ppm range each in urban water supplies, in a 15L cooling system that equates to a few HUNDREDTHS of a gram total, there's not a single part in your car that is measured to hundredths of a gram.
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