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powerrodsmike 11-16-2005 08:23 AM

bead blast guns and nozzles
Does anyone have information relating to the size and placement relationship of the air jet to the suction tube to the media nozzle in a bead blast gun. Is there a difference in nozzle size for different size or type of media. Also wondering about the air requirements for the different size nozzles. My compressor size isn't an issue, I just would like the info. I recently aquired a big blast cabinet (it needs some pieces to make it work) and I found some industrial blast nozzles that need rebuilding. I tried contacting the manufacturer of this unit but it is a high end industrial unit and they want a fortune for replacement parts. Thanks for reading this.

powerrodsmike 11-18-2005 09:03 PM

Ok I feel like some kind of troll replying to my own thread, but I have found out a couple of things and thought I would add to it. The air jet is usually 1/2 the size of the media nozzle. If you have a gun with a .094" air jet it will take a .188" media nozzle. The air jet in a cheap gun is located behind the suction port. I have a gun that has a tapered tube that puts the air jet opening forward of the suction port. That one has a .200" air jet so I would surmise that it should have a .400" media nozzle. The solid carbide nozzle that was in it was worn out to over 1/2 ". I wonder what you should be blasting with that one. I still would like to know what are the proper air pressures and which type of media works best with the various size orifices. Thanks for reading this.

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